Happy Labor Day To All Of Our Hardworking Men And Women

Today, our nation celebrates the contributions of the labor movement and honors the efforts of all of our hardworking men and women. As someone who has been a proud member of labor for decades, Labor Day has a very deep and special meaning for me.

It is a day when we honor the contributions of all who have built this state and this nation.  It is also a time when we remember the efforts of the labor unions that protect the rights of these workers and highlight the need to work to ensure that these rights are protected.

Their leadership helped create many of the rules that still benefit our workforce and we must continue that work to make sure that all workers are protected. Unions have given a voice to the workers who were voiceless and showed them that by organizing, they could have a say in their workplace and that they deserved better. By standing strong, they stood for all workers and that has made a very real difference in the lives of millions.

Now, as we move forward towards a stronger future in our state, we must respect the efforts of labor leaders of the past by ensuring that all of our workers benefit from the rebuilding and strengthening of our economy. These men and women put in a hard day’s work to support their families and they deserve to benefit from their efforts.

That is the best way to celebrate Labor Day and to thank all those who make our economy grow and keep our region moving.