Senator Mattera Fights To Ensure New Yorkers Voices Are Heard

Today, I spoke in the New York State Senate to call for a full restoration of the Legislature’s power to protect our businesses and our residents. For over a year, Governor Cuomo has had unrestricted power to make decisions that impact our communities and we need to make sure that his voice is not the only one heard.

Today was the 37th time that my Senate Republican Colleagues and I have pushed to re-establish the Senate and the Assembly as co-equal to Governor Cuomo and the time is now to curtail his power for the betterment of all New Yorkers. With multiple investigations into the Governor’s office ongoing, there is a very real need to ensure that all decisions in New York State are free of any political interference and made with the best intentions.

While our state continues to reopen following the yearlong battle with COVID-19, we must work together to protect our residents, our businesses and our future. Most importantly, we must make sure that the voices of all New Yorkers are heard.