Marty Minute

I want to talk about something that effects every single one of us - heroin and opioid addiction.

Did you know that over 65,000 people died from overdosing last year?

There is not one neighborhood that is immune to the problems of heroin and addiction. We all know someone who has had to face this monster.

The Senate recently passed its one house budget resolution.  I voted for this resolution because it provided record funding to combat heroin and opioid addiction.

We have dedicated $265 million dollars to break the deadly grip of heroin.   This amount builds on what we have invested in 2016, which was $200 million, and in 2017, which was $213 million.  Even with these record amounts of money dedicated to fighting drugs and addiction, clearly more needs to be done.

Rest assured, I will fight for more funding to combat addiction in New York.  

In addition to this record level of funding, we passed measures to reduce exposure to opioids for children and adults.  

We limited and provided alternatives to opioid use.  

The definition of “controlled substance” is better defined to include deadly drugs such as fentanyl.  

And expectant mothers would have access to services to prevent and treat addiction in babies.

We do all these things in the Senate one house budget resolution, while providing law enforcement with new tools to help get drugs and big time drug dealers off our streets.

Tell me what you think needs to be done to get drugs off our streets and out of our neighborhoods.

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