Deputy Leader Gianaris Applauds Senate’s Budget Proposal That Provides Billions For Rent Relief, Small Businesses And Our Undocumented Neighbors

Gianaris: Exciting Budget Proposal for Challenging Times Reflects the Values of Our State

ALBANY – Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris applauded the Senate’s budget resolution, which passed the chamber yesterday.

“This is an exciting budget proposal for challenging times and I am pleased to support it,” said Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris. “It addresses the hardships facing small businesses, tenants, excluded workers, and our housing vulnerable neighbors in a way that reflects the values of our state.”

The Senate's budget resolution includes many of Senator Gianaris’ priorities, including the elimination of state tax breaks for Opportunity Zones, the Housing our Neighbors with Dignity Act to convert distressed commercial properties, rent relief, and the Small Business Billion - $500 million in commercial rent relief and $500 million in grants for small businesses.

Watch Senator Gianaris’ floor speech here.

Photos of Senator Gianaris debating the budget are available here.