Senator Gallivan Opposes Gun Legislation - Proposes Amendments

February 01, 2019

The NYS Senate approved a series of gun control bills.

Senator Gallivan voted against these bills.  Much of this legislation is duplicative, vague, ripe for abuse, will likely have unintended consequences and will do little to keep residents safe.  NY already has some of the toughest gun laws in the country and as a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, Senator Gallivan knows that sportsmen and women and others in my district safely and responsibly use firearms every day to hunt, to target practice and to defend themselves and their families.  It is a way of life that many downstate representatives do not understand.

As an alternative, Senator Gallivan presented a comprehensive school safety package and discussed it on the floor of the Senate.  Sadly, the Senate majority rejected these common sense proposals which would have helped to ensure the safety of our schools.