Oswego Sportsmen Support UTVs

April 28, 2014

Senator Patty Ritchie's legislation to allow UTV registrations in New York is gaining support. TWC News reports on an event in Oswego County, at which sportmen were asked to sign onto Senator Ritchie's UTV petition, which is available by clicking here.

New York is the ONLY state that currently bans registration of UTV's, which are increasingly popular for families and seniors, and allowing UTVs would translate into increased tourism and sales tax and other revenue to state and local governments.


Senator Ritchie has sponsored two bills to allow registration of UTVs. S.1946 would allow increase the weight limit for theese vehicles to 1500 pounds--sufficient to cover the most popular models of side-by-sides. That bill has passed the Senate three separate taimes, and was included in the Seante's version of the new State Budget this year. Each time the Assembly Majority has blocked the bill.

The other bill would allow UTV registrations in three counties in Northern and Central New York that Senator Ritchie represents--Oswego, Jefferson and St. Lawrence--as well as in Allegany, Lewis and Madison Counties, for a two-year trial period.