Senator O'Mara comments on the Senate's new Jobs Plan

January 19, 2011

Albany, N.Y., January 19—The New York State Senate approved a legislative package today that will be co-sponsored by Senator Tom O’Mara (R-C,Big Flats) calling for a new, comprehensive job creation, spending control, and tax incentive strategy as a way to help New York climb out of its current economic crisis.

The Senate’s “Job Creation and Taxpayer Protection Act” seeks to encourage overall economic growth, provide targeted tax incentives, and focus on the creation of upstate jobs.  The plan also seeks to put the brakes on New York’s reckless tax-and-spend past by making it harder for legislators to approve tax increases and by putting a cap on future state spending.

“We’re determined that Albany takes a new approach to economic growth and fiscal responsibility this year.  We have an immediate financial crisis to confront, but we also have to begin putting in place a foundation for long-term fiscal responsibility and sustained, private-sector economic growth,” said O’Mara, beginning his first term representing New York’s 53rd Senate District.  “Our plan zeroes in on private-sector job growth, tax incentives, and spending control as the cornerstones of rebuilding a strong-running, private-sector economic engine for upstate New York. We’re making it clear today that less state spending, lower state taxes, and the elimination of job-killing state regulations needs to represent a new way of doing business in New York government.”


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