Senator O'Mara reacts to Governor Cuomo's 2013-14 state budget proposal

January 22, 2013

Albany, N.Y., January 22—State Senator Tom O’Mara (R-C, Big Flats) said today that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed 2013-2014 state budget calls for no new state taxes or borrowing, holds the line on state spending for the third year in a row, continues to streamline the state bureaucracy and takes some additional steps to get local governments out from under the burden of unfunded state mandates.

On the economic and fiscal reform front, several of the governor’s key proposals are in step with O’Mara’s own overriding priority: Upstate economic growth and community development.  Highlights include another round of funding for the state’s regional economic development councils, a community college incentive program to place students in high-demand jobs, and a Market-NY program to market the Upstate tourism-related economy

“New York government needs to stay focused, more than anything else, on taking step after step after step toward long-term fiscal discipline, private-sector economic growth and eliminating the crushing burdens of mandates, regulations and taxes.  Let’s get this job done.  What concerns me above all else – because it deeply concerns the communities and citizens I represent – is what this governor wants to do to help Upstate keep our employers and the jobs they create for our workers, attract new economic opportunities, strengthen our communities and provide the tax, mandate and regulatory relief that’s so desperately needed throughout the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes regions,” said O’Mara.  “For me, this is where it all begins and ends. From building strong families to creating thriving, vibrant communities, all that we hope to accomplish for a secure and successful future begins with and depends on a strong and sustainable 21st-century Upstate economy.  An aggressive commitment to the future of Upstate New York is priority number one.”