Senator Kennedy: It's a Priority of WNY to Have UB 2020 in the Budget

March 17, 2011

Senator stands up for Western New York economy during budget debate, cites Republicans' failure to include UB 2020 as reason for 'No' vote on Senate bill

ALBANY, N.Y. - In the one-house budget bill the Senate voted on this week, Senator Timothy, M. Kennedy voted 'No', citing the Republicans' failure to include UB 2020 in their proposal.

The budget resolution that the Senate puts forward is essentially a list of budget priorities for the Senate. Senator Kennedy believes it is vital to the economic future of Western New York that UB 2020 is included in the budget proposal. 

"It is a priority of Western New York to have UB 2020 legislation fully implemented in the budget. This budget resolution proposed today does not do that," Senator Kennedy said. "We should indicate in these budget priorities that the revitalization of Western New York and our economy is one of our priorities. UB 2020 must be put in this budget, as a policy reform, in its entirety. I urge opposition to this budget to anyone who is supportive of UB 2020."