Senator Kennedy Secures Release of Long-Awaited Funding for Critical Upgrades to Gateway-Longview Family Resource Center in Buffalo

April 08, 2013

Kennedy fought to cut bureaucratic red tape that had stalled the critical upgrades to East Side Center for over 3 years.

Gateway-Longview will put $200,000 in funds toward improvements at their Family Resource Center. 

Kennedy: Gateway-Longview’s Funding is no longer a long-shot – project to improve important Buffalo community center is now a reality. 

BUFFALO, N.Y. –  Senator Tim Kennedy, D-Buffalo, today announced the release of $200,000 in state funds for Gateway-Longview’s Family Resource Center on East Ferry Street in Buffalo. Bureaucratic delays in Albany had stalled critical upgrades to the Family Resource Center for over three years, and the funds were at risk of being swept away and re-appropriated to organizations in other parts of the state. If Senator Kennedy had not stepped in to cut through the red tape and finally secure the release of the funds, the Family Resource Center would have been left in dire need of support for urgent rehabilitation work. 

Senator Kennedy successfully fought to ensure the funds remained in Western New York to invest in much-needed upgrades to the Family Resource Center. Now, Gateway-Longview will gain access to $200,000 in state grant funding for capital improvements at the Family Resource Center, which provides a safe place for Buffalo children to go after school and enriching programming to benefit the youth and families who use the facility – formerly the Humboldt YMCA.  

Senator Kennedy visited the Family Resource Center today to discuss planned upgrades to the facility, the high-quality programs they offer and the efforts that went into securing the funds for this important asset in the City of Buffalo.  

“The Gateway-Longview Family Resource Center endured years of unacceptable bureaucratic delay, and I was eager to help them secure these long-awaited funds,” said Senator Kennedy. “The state was dragging its feet; their inaction was threatening critical programs that children and families in Buffalo rely on. We made it clear to the state authorities that we refused to put up with any further delay and pushed them to finally take action. Our community stood up for itself, and now the state is finally releasing the resources that Gateway-Longview and the Family Resource Center need to continue to provide exceptional afterschool programs and important opportunities to local youth and their families on Buffalo’s East Side.”

Catharine Miles-Kania, Vice President of Organizational Advancement at Gateway-Longview, said, “When Gateway-Longview began its work in the Family Resource Center, we had the vision to see the building's potential for programming that would make a positive impact on our community, and it was transformed from a lifeless building to a vibrant and thriving community center. We are thankful that Senator Kennedy partnered with us and fought to secure this critical state support for us. With the $200,000 which Senator Kennedy has helped us finally access, we'll be able to make important upgrades to the Family Resource Center over the next few months, which will ultimately help support our programs for the children and families of Buffalo.”

This grant award was initially announced several years ago, prior to Kennedy taking office in the Senate. After the funding was funneled to the Dormitory Authority (DASNY), it got stuck in the bureaucracy and Gateway-Longview was unable to access it. Gateway-Longview officials no longer had the financial support necessary to get work started on essential repairs to the aging facility, and the capital improvements were stalled. When they contacted Kennedy’s office, the Senator went to work to track down the funds and ensure the resources were finally released to Gateway-Longview.

Kennedy pressed DASNY to take action and fought to cut through the bureaucratic red tape at the state authority. Now, Kennedy has secured the release of this long-awaited funding for critical upgrades to the Family Resource Center. Without Kennedy’s involvement, the funds could have been ripped away from Western New York and re-allocated elsewhere.

The $200,000 state grant will be used to make several much-needed capital improvements to the Family Resource Center’s building, which will ultimately help support programs at the Family Resource Center. A new parking lot, boiler repairs, windows, piping, new sump pumps, and electrical upgrades are just some of the urgent repairs that will be made to ensure that the Family Resource Center remains an key asset on Buffalo’s East Side. Gateway-Longview officials expect that these capital improvements will strengthen the facility to ensure it provides unique and valuable programming for years to come.

The Family Resource Center was established in 2007. In 2012, it served nearly 2,500 people of all ages in Buffalo’s East Side community through 10 programs offered after school, as well as on evenings and weekends. Programs offered include a flourishing music program, tutoring, and a new and growing mentoring program for young men between the ages of 13 – 21. Gateway-Longview is a not-for-profit child and family service agency that has been providing care, counseling, and support to countless children and families since 1890.


Senator Timothy M. Kennedy represents the New York State Senate’s 63rd District, which is comprised of the town of Cheektowaga, the city of Lackawanna and nearly all of the city of Buffalo. More information is available at