Kaminsky Votes to Advance Legislative Package to Combat Heroin & Opioid Epidemic

June 16, 2016

Senator Todd Kaminsky voted in favor of and lauded an extensive legislative package that addresses the state’s heroin and opioid crisis.  Kaminsky is a co-sponsor on the legislation aimed at tackling substance abuse, from prevention to treatment and recovery.

“There are too many families whose lives have been shattered by this epidemic,” said Kaminsky.  “We can, and will, fight back and win this battle by mounting an aggressive response and thoroughly addressing all angles – from tightening controls on prescriptions to removing insurance barriers.  I've held substance abuse forums throughout my district and have mourned with families who have lost loved ones but vow to fight this widespread crisis. This comprehensive plan ensures that we are not only preventing people from becoming addicted in the first place but improving how we assist those who require treatment and recovery services.”

The legislation requires prescriber education on pain management and addiction, limits the number of days for first-time opioid prescriptions for acute pain from 30 to 7, increases public outreach programs, eliminates prior authorization for inpatient treatment, expands access to overdose-reversal medication like Narcan, increases the numbers of beds and slots for addiction treatment, and expands supports for those in recovery.

In the Assembly, Senator Kaminsky’s advocacy was instrumental in securing $653 million in this year's state budget for enhanced treatment and recovery programs throughout the State.