Senate Public Hearing to discuss School Governance Reform and Mayoral Accountability

The Senate Standing Committee on New York City Education and Senator John Liu, Chair, convened a public hearing on March 15th to solicit testimony on school governance reform and mayoral accountability. 

Mayoral control of New York City schools expires in June. Governor Cuomo proposes to extend Mayoral Control as part of his FY 2019-2020 Executive Budget proposal. The Senate Majority 2019-20 Budget Resolution would:

  • Accept the Governor's proposal to extend mayoral control and accountability of New York City schools for three years, pending a Senate hearing to contemplate and recommend reforms to enhance transparency and parental/community input in New York City school governance.
  • The Senate is further committed to holding public hearings and other informational forums throughout the City of New York to assess the effectiveness of mayoral control of the New York City School District and hear stakeholders on the ways to address the inequalities in our schools, ensure the voices of parents are included and improve student performance and outcome.
  • For each of the 3 years the provisions of the mayoral control are extended, until June 30, 2022, the Department of Education will prepare and make public a report of the findings and recommendations of such hearing.


Senator Velmanette Montgomery and Assemblyman David Weprin have introduced legislation to end Mayoral Control of NYC Schools. To learn more about Senator Montgomery and Assemblyman Weprin's bill, visit:

For more information about the bill, visit

To learn more about Senator Montgomery's work on Mayoral Control, visit: