Senate Standing Committee on Children and Families - 03/11/19

State Senator Velmanette Montgomery convenes meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Children and Families. 

On the committee's agenda:

S245A Kennedy - Requires the office of children and family services to utilize a cost estimation model when determining the actual cost providers incur when providing child care and requires the office to prepare an annual report detailing such.

S273A Gallivan - Relates to child abuse in an educational setting; clarifies that it includes individuals employed by a school and individuals employed by a person or entity that contracts with a school to provide transportation services.

S3248 Salazar - Relates to allowing a person having a lawful order of custody of a child to make medical decisions for such child.

S4004 Carlucci - Requires agencies to provide potential adoptive parents with information concerning state-funded benefits or services available once the foster child is adopted as well as those that expire upon adoption.