Senate Standing Committee on Children and Families Meeting - 02/04/20

State Senator Velmanette Montgomery convened a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Children and Families on February 4, 2020. 

Three bills on the agenda have been reported out and referred to the Senate Finance Committee due to their fiscal implications; with the exception of S.4004, which will  move to First Reading on the Senate Calendar.

On the committee's agenda:

  • S.1086 introduced by Senator Persaud (D-Brooklyn), relates to allowances for the costs, up to eighty dollars, of diapers for an eligible child, two years of age or younger.
  • S.4004 introduced by Senator Carlucci (D-Rockland), would require agencies to provide potential adoptive parents with information concerning state-funded benefits or services available once the foster child is adopted as well as those that expire upon adoption.
  • S.5493 introduced by Senator Montgomery (D-Brooklyn), would eliminate co-payments for any family receiving child care assistance whose income is at or below the state income standard responsible for at ten percent of their household income.
  • S.6533 introduced by Senator Montgomery (D-Brooklyn), would require the video recording of interrogations of juveniles in juvenile delinquency proceedings in family court.