Senate Standing Committee on Children and Families Meeting - 02/25/20

Senator Montgomery Convened a Children and Families Meeting at 11:30 on Tuesday February 25, 2020.

The Agenda consisted of the following legislation:

  • S.7547 Introduced by Senator Montgomery(D-Brooklyn), an act to amend the social services law, in relation to waiving the requirement of establishing paternity or a child support order for certain applicants or recipients of aid to dependent children.
  • S.7553-A Introduced  by Senator Montgomery (D-Brooklyn), requires child protective services to orally and in writing disclose certain information to parents and caretakers who are the subject of a child protective services investigation and requires such oral and written disclosure to contain certain information regarding the rights of the person under investigation.
  • S.7773 Imtroduced by Senator Kennedy (D-Buffalo), requires the office of children and family services to utilize a cost estimation model when determining the actual cost providers incur when providing child care and requires the office to prepare an annual report detailing such.

All bills were reported out and will be on the first report of the Senate Calendar, with the exception of S.7553-A which was held by the sponsor to consider amendments.