Senator Montgomery on Handgun Crimes in the Community

June 22, 2010

Statement by Senator Montgomery on Hand Gun Crimes

We need to take immediate action to get guns off our streets. I am proud to co-sponsor the Crime Gun Identification Act, also known as the “Microstamping” bill (S.6005/A.6468).

This bill would require engravings on the internal mechanisms of all semiautomatic pistols manufactured, sold or transported to New York State.

This gun microstamping will allow police to trace firearms through cartridge casings found at crime scenes, even if the crime gun is never found. When a micro-stamp ready pistol is fired, information identifying the make, model and serial number of the gun is stamped onto the cartridge as numbers and letters. Over 100 law enforcement agencies and elected officials from across the state have endorsed this legislation, including the New York State District Attorneys Association and the New York City PBA.

There has been resurgence in street crime, handgun use, and sadly, shootings. We have to be proactive, not reactive. Microstamping will provide us with another tool for accountability. Your help is needed to get this bill passed. I urge each of you to call Senator John Sampson and Governor Paterson to express your support for this important legislation. Let’s take action to keep these tragedies from happening in our neighborhoods again. Here are the telephone numbers and email information:

Gov. David Paterson Senate Majority Conf. Leader John Sampson State Capitol Albany, NY 12224 518-474-8390 409 Legislative Office Building Albany, NY 12247 Tel: (518) 455-2788 Fax: (518) 426-6806

We have to get the guns off our streets. Please call and support this important legislation.