Senator Montgomery reflects on the importance of Dr. Joan Maynard's legacy at the Street Co-Naming in her honor.

Senator Montgomery celebrates the co-naming of Dr. Joan Maynard Way and reflects on the importance of Dr. Maynard’s legacy.

Our history is right here. What has happened here. And what has happened is that Joan Maynard made me and the children at the Weeksville School and in this community feel good about their own heritage. She asked them to bring to the museum things from their home so they could be on display and appreciated as part of who they are and that they should feel proud about it.

We must make sure that we are not written out of the history books, out of the libraries, out of our own communities. The only way to do that is to make sure we talk about people like Dr. Joan Maynard who build institutions. We have to maintain that our history, our people and their contributions are appreciated and are important and let no one forget

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