Gov. Hochul: Law-Abiding New Yorkers Deserve to be Safe!

SEN. Daphne Jordan

September 28, 2021

How far are state Democrats willing to go?

Under the Democrats’ Less is More policy, parolees who violate their parole are no longer sent back to prison. They are given a free penalty! No penalty for not showing up to their assigned meetings with parole officers…no accountability! Remember, that parolees have not finished their sentences; their sentences are completed when they are no longer on parole. On September 17, when Governor Hochul signed the “Less is More” bill, and in advance of it being enacted, she ordered the release of hundreds of criminals across the State. Pro-criminal policies must stop if we are to keep our communities safe!

This petition calls on the governor and the Legislature to do what’s right and put law-abiding New Yorkers first.

Sign the petition to make your voice heard, help stop the dangerous pro-criminal policies and enact a common sense public safety agenda NOW!

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