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SEN. Daphne Jordan

June 25, 2020

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, New Yorkers have gone above and beyond to do their part to protect public health. Now, as regions move towards Phase 4 of the reopening process, in the dark of night, the state is re-writing the rules and making arbitrary decisions about who can open next and who cannot. 

According to guidance originally issued by the state, Phase 4 reopening would include gyms, malls and movie theaters. However, late last night, local officials quietly received guidance noting that these businesses would not be opening as originally planned.  Instead, they were told media production—including motion picture, TV and streaming service production—as well as ‘low-risk’ indoor and outdoor arts and entertainment could resume operations. 

While the state has indicated these other businesses can open ‘soon,’ no date, plan or guidelines have been released that would indicate when that would be. 

When asked to step up and stay home, New Yorkers kept their promise. Now, it’s far past time for the state to keep its own promise by allowing these businesses to safely open as originally scheduled. If you agree, sign Senator Daphne Jordan's petition today!

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