No Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants!

SEN. Daphne Jordan

March 12, 2019


The Senate Democratic Majority is pushing legislation – Senate Bill S.1747 sponsored by Democrat Senator Luis Sepúlveda – that would allow the issuance of NYS driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants would jeopardize traffic safety and public security. Here’s what the legislation would do:

  • Create a double standard for people applying for a standard license. For example, an individual with a Social Security Number would have to provide it, along with verifiable ID docs (6 points), while others would not;
  • Open the door to voter fraud, bank fraud and ID theft;
  • Ban the DMV from sharing any databases with 3rd parties including law enforcement, thus hindering their ability to search traffic records during a routine traffic stop;
  • Allow scofflaws to thwart multiple traffic violations to obtain a license after their actual license has been revoked;
  • Creates a loophole for underage children to obtain valid DMV-issued IDs to unlawfully buy alcohol, cigarettes, and quite possibly soon, marijuana.

The Senate Democratic Majority and Governor Cuomo already rammed through the DREAM Act, a $27 million giveaway of free college tuition to the children of illegal immigrants paid for by hard-working, law-abiding taxpayers. Now they want to hand out NYS driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Don’t let Andrew Cuomo and the Senate Democrats turn our Empire State into a Sanctuary State.  If you oppose the Senate Democrat’s legislation, you must act NOW before it’s too late!

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