Stop the Middle Class Tax Hike!

SEN. Fred Akshar

January 25, 2021

The past year has placed a tremendous burden on our middle class across New York. We’ve seen businesses close, jobs lost, opportunities dwindle and hardworking New Yorkers being forced to make difficult financial decisions.

Now more than ever, they need relief and financial peace of mind.

Instead of creating a pathway to making that a reality, Governor Cuomo's budget proposal does the exact opposite.

In his budget proposal this year, he’s looking to eliminate a $400 million dollar middle class tax cut.

This isn't the first time New York's One-Party Rule has put politics before the needs of everyday New Yorkers, but forcing our middle-class taxpayers to help balance a $15 billion deficit while increasing state spending by billions of dollars and continuing the $420 million tax credit for Hollywood producers is just plain absurd. 

We can’t let that happen, and with your support, we won’t.

Just click the link below to sign our petition against his tax hike and ensure your voice is heard.

We’ve shown time after time that the power of our collective voice can have an incredible impact on Albany’s leadership.

Today, we can send a strong message that we need to protect and grow our middle class, not take actions that punish and eliminate it.

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