Join The Fight: Help Stop The Gas Tax!

SEN. George M. Borrello

May 11, 2021


After hiking taxes by $4 billion in this year’s budget, Senate Democrats are looking to make middle-class families pay more at the pump and more for home heating.

Albany Democrats are sponsoring legislation that would add a new 55 cent-per-gallon tax on New Yorkers at the gas pump. In addition, this bill would raise the cost of natural gas for residential home heating by 25 percent. The cost of fuel has escalated in the past year and these new taxes only add to our financial burden.

Millions of us use a vehicle every day and the gas tax would punish us for that. It makes it even more expensive to commute to work, bring your children to school or simply take your family out for a day trip. It makes it harder to keep your house warm on a cold night - especially considering the challenges we've faced with the pandemic. These proposed tax hikes are unconscionable.

Help me stop Albany Democrats from hiking up the price of gas and home heating.

Sign my petition to stop Albany Democrats from raising the price of gas by 55 cents a gallon. Show them that we already pay too much at the pump. We already pay way too much to keep the heat on in our homes. We just can’t afford to pay even more.

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