Stop the Placement of Industrial Wind Turbines in lake Erie!

SEN. George M. Borrello

January 06, 2021

Sign the petition below and help Senator George Borrello protect our region’s greatest natural, environmental, recreational, and economic and quality of life asset - Lake Erie!

Placing as many as 50 turbines 460 feet in height, one every half mile in the lakebed, will have a negative impact on fresh water quality and border security.  

Environmental Concerns:

  • 11 million people rely on Lake Erie for their drinking water!
  • Considerable amounts of dangerous and hazardous materials from WNY’s industrial past have settled into the lakebed.  These massive structures would disturb these settled materials.
  • Turbine created wind patterns have the potential to force the spread of pools of toxic algae through larger portions of the lake.
  • Constant vibrations from turbines will be damaging to Lake Erie’s commercial and recreational fish supply.


Border Security Concerns:

  • The Department of Homeland Security has invested millions of dollars in high tech radar systems along the WNY border of the lake to detect drug smuggling and human trafficking.
  • Major shadows from these turbines would render this radar useless!


We must be proactive, and take decisive action to protect our greatest natural resource that is so critical to our daily lives!  That is why Senator Borrello will sponsor legislation to establish an indefinite moratorium on the construction or placement of wind turbines on any freshwater body located within the boundaries of New York State.  

Sign now in support of this legislation and the need to protect Lake Erie and other lakes from irreparable harm.

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