Tell Governor Cuomo to Keep Rapists, Pedophiles and Predators Out of Our Local Schools

SEN. John J. Flanagan

September 07, 2018

In one of his worst-ever public policy decisions, Governor Cuomo recently issued an Executive Order pardoning cop killers, murderers, rapists, and other sex offenders so that they can vote in our upcoming primaries and general elections. 

Now, the Governor has concocted a scheme to allow sex offenders, under the cloak of darkness, to come out and vote for him and other candidates in next Thursday's primary.

An explosive news report has just unveiled the fact that the Cuomo Administration has now given sex offenders permission to show up at local schools throughout the state after 7:00 p.m. to cast their votes.

This is a reckless, dangerous and completely outrageous attempt to thwart our state's common sense laws that prevent dangerous sexual predators from coming anywhere near our schools. That's why my Senate Republican colleagues and I will be holding hearings around the state later this month to examine this terribly misguided policy in greater detail.  

More immediately, I am encouraging every concerned parent -- whether they are voters or not --  to join with me in demanding that Governor Cuomo reverse this shortsighted decision right now.  That's why I have launched a new on-line petition designed to heighten public awareness of this important issue, and to help send a loud and clear message to Governor Cuomo. 

If you want to join this effort to get the Governor to change his predator-friendly voting policy -- and to stop putting young children in harm's way for political gain, sign my petition below.  After signing, I encourage you to send the petition along to your friends, neighbors and family members who might feel the same way.     

By working together, I am hopeful we can get Governor Cuomo to come back to his senses, and stop him from rolling out the red carpet for vicious predators at the local schools where millions of New York's children learn, play, and grow.

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