Put a Stop to Plan 2014!

SEN. Joseph E. Robach

June 06, 2019

Plan 2014 is not working. Its poor performance has caused significant flooding and damage to lakeshore properties in two out of its first three years; costing homeowners, businesses and municipalities millions of dollars in repairs. Given the fact that its poor performance, which was driven by environmentalists and not south shore riparians, has continued to wreak havoc on communities throughout New York, we are asking the International Joint Commission to step in and overturn this plan. It is time for logic and commonsense to take over and dictate the future of lake levels moving forward.

Plan 1958DD has proven a better driver of the lake level for the north and south shore, causing just one flooding event in its nearly 60 years of implementation. At minimum, this plan should be restored interim while we study ways to improve, repair and rebuild the shore for all interested parties.

Please sign the petition below and join us in calling for the IJC to overturn Plan 2014. We can stop future flooding from destroying more homes, businesses and communities along Lake Ontario.

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