Join Senator Mattera To End The Squatting Epidemic

SEN. Mario R. Mattera

Squatting Epidemic

It is clear to all who watch or read the news that New York State is seeing an epidemic in squatting stories recently.  It is overwhelmingly clear that the laws of this state fall way short of addressing the squatter issue effectively.

To combat this scourge, I have introduced a four-part legislative proposal designed to protect our residents by closing every known squatting-related loophole in New York State law.

The main component of this package is an aggressive statute (S.8867) that would allow law enforcement to evict individuals from residential properties swiftly based on a homeowner's sworn complaint, without court involvement.

The package also includes three other pieces of legislation in the package including:

S8866: Redefines the definition of occupant to exclude squatters and trespassers from the current statute, which currently prevents self-help evictions of occupants.

S8868: Excludes squatters and trespassers from the current squatter-friendly remedy for self-help evictions.

S8669: Clarifies that criminal trespass in the third degree encompasses squatting.

This is a fair and just mechanism to provide a rapid solution to the problems facing our property owners and it is sorely needed. It seeks to reverse the current trend that favors squatters and trespassers over homeowners, restoring fundamental rights to the rightful owners of our great state.

It is time we end the squatting epidemic and I hope you will join me in getting needed protections in New York State law.

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