Tell Governor Hochul To Leave Our Kids School Funding Alone!

SEN. Mario R. Mattera

save our schools

Governor Kathy Hochul’s 2024-25 executive budget proposal eliminates the “hold harmless” provision for school funding and calls for the lose of millions in education aid for 337 school districts across the state – including costing schools in the 2nd Senate District close to $6 million. If these extreme cuts are included in the final budget, the impacted schools will be forced to cut services for our children, increase taxes on homeowners and/or lay off teachers and staff.

It is a burden that our school, taxpayers and, most importantly, our children should not have to bear. This is especially true when you consider her proposed budget is over $233 billion (over 4% more than last year) and includes $2.4 billion for her migrant disaster (that is on top of the $1.8 billion that the state wasted last year).

This money is being taken from our children, our teachers and our homeowners to fund the migrant disaster that Governor Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams have made a state taxpayer problem. That is unfair and unnecessary.


Please join me in opposing these senseless cuts and telling Governor Hochul to get her priorities straight and to leave our schools alone!


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