Don't Leave Albany Without Fixing the MTA: Support the 'Better Trains, Better Cities' Proposal

SEN. Michael Gianaris

June 27, 2017

The MTA suffers from severe under-funding and lack of accountability. This year, the problem became a full-blown crisis, as commutes became intolerable for straphangers due to chronic delays and service interruptions.

Employees were late to work, patients missed doctor's appointments and students missed graduations. The situation became dangerous as individuals were forced to pry open train doors in order to escape unbearable heat, after being stuck on a train which had lost power. Two commuters even exited a stalled train and attempted to walk to work on the tracks. 

The time to point fingers is over. Now is the time for solutions. My 'Better Trains, Better Cities' legislation is a proposal that would establish a dedicated funding stream for emergency maintenance and repairs. It is a simple solution to a complicated problem.

With the state legislature likely to return to Albany soon to address outstanding issues, fixing the MTA should be a top priority. When they return, the Governor and members of the legislature should not leave the Capitol until a solution to the MTA crisis is enacted.

Sign the petition below to tell Governor Cuomo and state legislators that they should not leave Albany without addressing the MTA crisis!

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