Help Me Pass Billy's Law

SEN. Mike Martucci

February 02, 2022

When there are no consequences for lawbreakers, innocent lives are destroyed. Sadly, the actions of a repeat felon arsonist -- released because of bail reform -- resulted in the death of a volunteer firefighter in Sullivan County.

Assistant Chief Billy Steinberg's line of duty death was completely preventable. Since this serial arsonist was released because of bail reform, volunteers like Billy were put directly in harm's way. Once again, this failed policy has struck at the heart of our society, leaving children without a father and a community without one of its heroes.

After this tragedy, I received a call from Billy's family asking for help. That's why I'm introducing "Billy's Law" (S.8181) which will authorize bail and pre-trial detention for ALL arson felonies, allowing law enforcement to keep those criminals in custody and off our streets.

While "Billy's Law" won't bring back Billy Steinberg or heal the heartbreak caused by this reckless arsonist, it will make our streets safer, protect our communities, and help prevent any more deaths of our brave volunteer firefighters.

Please Sign the Petition to demand justice for Billy!

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