Deny Parole for Chad Campbell

SEN. Pamela Helming

April 16, 2018

In August 1990, Chad Campbell brutally stabbed to death Cindy Lewis, his 15-year-old Palmyra-Macedon Central School district classmate, and Curtis Rizzo, the 17-month-old boy she was babysitting. Though he has been eligible for parole five times since 2008 and will be eligible again next month, Campbell has previously been denied an early release because he has shown no remorse for these heinous crimes. Campbell's horrific actions have caused irreparable harm to the community where he committed this terrible violence and unspeakable anguish to the family and friends of those he murdered.

When Chad Campbell chose to kill two innocent children by repeatedly stabbing them over and over again, in my opinion, he forfeited his right to live outside prison walls. Cindy and Curtis did not have the chance to live out their lives, and their families have endured years of suffering and pain. Why should Campbell be granted an opportunity to live freely? By releasing Campbell, who has reportedly shown no remorse for his actions, will the parole board be jeopardizing public safety? I am asking the public to sign my petition so that together we can send a clear message to the New York State Parole Board that Campbell should not be released from prison; not now and not ever.

If you agree, sign my petition and join the fight to keep Chad Campbell behind bars!

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