Hands Off Home Rule!

SEN. Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick

In this year’s executive budget, there is a proposal to strip localities on Long Island of their ability to control growth and zoning laws in their communities. In the predominately single-family zoned communities in Nassau County, the Governor seeks to require the re-zoning of areas within a half-mile radius of any LIRR station in order to accommodate an average of 50 residential units per acre. Currently Nassau County has 476,732 housing units, and this proposal would allow the construction of 25,000 more units around every LIRR station.

The Governor has not explained how potentially tripling Nassau County's population will impact our water and sewer systems, fire departments, police departments, and how the 54 school districts in Nassau County will be able to accommodate this influx of children, nor how the construction of these housing units will impact the Island’s sole source aquifer.

The Governor's proposal is a reckless and irresponsible attempt to defy local government control, and deny every Long Islander the right to protect the substantial investments they have made in their homes and in their communities. 

Sign my petition to tell the Governor to keep her hands off home rule and that you OPPOSE her reckless and irresponsible housing proposal.

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