Fix Albany's Broken Bail "Reforms"

SEN. Patty Ritchie

January 16, 2020

Keep Our Communities Safe

A recent change preventing judges from using bail to keep potentially dangerous individuals behind bars while they await their day in court is putting the public’s safety at risk.

Every day, local news reports list the most recent cases, including suspected killers, domestic abusers, burglars and other violent criminals, who have been set free only to be arrested hours later for committing new crimes.

I voted against these so-called “reforms” because they stripped judges, police and prosecutors of common-sense tools they need to protect victims and keep our communities safe.

Now, I am asking you to join me—along with a growing bipartisan coalition of law enforcement, elected officials and community leaders—in demanding changes to these new laws.

Sign your name below and tell Albany to:

  • Restore the use of bail in violent crimes, like stalking, burglary, arson, domestic violence and sex offenses, as well as for serial criminals and those with a track record of failing to return for trial;


  • Allow judges to use their own discretion to decide if a defendant poses a continuing threat to victims or witnesses,


  • Protect witnesses and police officers from retaliation by shielding their personal information, such as names and home addresses.


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