Restore Funding to the Veteran's Outreach Center

SEN. Rich Funke

April 04, 2019


While funding was made available for undocumented immigrants to go to college, the Senate Democrat Majority and the Governor  cut funding for the Veteran's outreach Center of Monroe county in half (Reduced from $500,000 to $250,000).

How can the vital services needed by heroes who defended our country ever take a back seat to those who violated our laws?

Well, in this budget that happened continually. While Veteran's funding was cut for example, the Democrats passed a new policy to allow 90% or more of those accused of a crime to walk free with an appearance ticket pending a trial.

Take a stand with me. Lets tell the Governor and the Senate Majority that we stand with our Veterans and not those that violate our laws. Sign my petition to call upon the Governor to restore full funding to the Veteran's Outreach Center of Monroe county. Governor Cuomo did the right thing by restoring money for the Special Olympics that was cut, now he needs to do it again on behalf of our brave veterans! 

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