Sign the Petition: Restore Our Rights & Repeal the SAFE Act

SEN. Robert G. Ortt

March 07, 2017

The SAFE Act is an affront to our Second Amendment rights.

Its sweeping overreach turned yesterday’s law-abiding citizens and sportsmen into today’s criminals. We can no longer allow this unconstitutional law to undermine our values, our rights, and safety.

That’s why I’m working to remove many of the misguided components of the un-SAFE Act in Upstate through legislation that’s gaining support in both houses of the state Legislature.

New York City liberals passed the divisive gun control law in the dead of night four years ago and they believe the un-SAFE Act is actually working for them.

But law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen in Upstate know better. I say, let New York City keep the SAFE Act while we work to repeal it throughout the rest of the state. 

My legislation includes measures that would:

  • Repeal the five-year recertification requirement for pistol permits;
  • Fully repeal the ammunition database;
  • Repeal the federal background checks for private guns sales known as the License and Record Database that has not yet been implemented; and
  • Authorize the transfer of firearms, rifles, and shotguns to family members as part of an estate.

Show your support in allowing Upstate to have its own regulations that best fit our needs by signing this petition to repeal the SAFE Act in Upstate New York.  

Together, we can show New York progressives that not only do we respect our right to bear arms, we demand it.

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