New York State Needs Daniel's Law!

SEN. Samra G. Brouk

Heart attacks. Strokes. Seizures. Broken bones. These are all medical conditions that can constitute an emergency and they are moments when an individual in need can expect to receive care from a person trained in addressing their condition, who can connect them to the necessary resources to continue care. 

So why is it that those experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis are treated differently?

Instead of receiving contact from a trained counselor or peer, these individuals are left to receive their care from armed law enforcement officers, who receive far too little mental health training and often lack the resources necessary to address the needs of the person in crisis. This is a deadly combination, as those living with untreated mental illness are sixteen times more likely to be a victim of an officer-involved shooting, according to the Treatment Advocacy Center. Law enforcement officers often advocate that they should not be the first line of response for these calls.

We can and should do better.

YOU can help make the Daniel's Law Pilot Program and Task Force a reality. Sign the petition so we can show that New Yorkers in every corner of our state know that we need Daniel's Law.

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