Say NO To A Gas Stove Ban

SEN. Steven D. Rhoads

Out-of-touch politicians and bureaucrats in Albany are moving forward with a BAN on gas cooking stoves.

This recipe for disaster isn’t being cooked up out of “public health” concerns. In reality, it’s just the latest ingredient of Albany’s unaffordable, unforgiving, and unsustainable climate agenda.

It’s also another assault on our way of life on Long Island. A gas stove ban will hurt homeowners and home builders. It will hurt small businesses, especially restaurants that rely on gas cooking. And it will chase more residents out of our state.

Just a few weeks ago tens of thousands of New Yorkers spent days without power. Under this proposal, future power outages will leave our community unable to cook food, boil water or maybe even heat their homes!

While the federal government considers a similar ban, state officials are ACTUALLY moving forward with this half-baked insanity.

These reliable, affordable stoves are vital to hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers – yet the political ruling class in Albany would rather blow hot air than look for realistic energy solutions.

So what can we do?

We must speak up. We must take action. We cannot allow disastrous climate policies like this to get rammed through unchecked, without input from “We the People”.

Tell Albany we’ve had enough. We will not sit by and watch out-of-touch government elitists torch our way of life with their radical agenda.

Sign my petition below to say NO to a gas stove BAN.

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