Join The Fight To Change Albany!

SEN. Terrence Murphy

January 27, 2016

We need real reform to fight corruption in Albany and Senator Terrence Murphy has a plan. 

If being in Albany has taught me anything, it is the need to lead by example. Even though the Senate has voluntarily imposed term limits, we need to make them permanent in law for both the Senate and Assembly. You cannot have ethics reform without term limits.

George Washington voluntarily relinquished power after eight years. If it was good enough for him, it is more than enough for Albany. This is just the first step in cleaning up the cesspool.

We also must demonstrate that corruption in state government will no longer be tolerated. This means passing pension forfeiture legislation. No more golden parachutes for corrupt politicians! 

But I cannot change Albany alone. I need your help. Please sign my petitions today to call on my colleagues in both houses on both sides of the aisle to pass term limits and pension forfeiture legislation this year.

Join Senator Terrence Murphy's fight to reform Albany today. Sign the petition below and help reform Albany now.

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