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The New York State Senate (the “Senate”) is committed to protecting your privacy and security as you use our websites (hereinafter referred to individually as “Senate Website” and collectively as “Senate Websites”). For purposes herein, the term Senate Website includes any website operated by the Senate and/or any website created and/or operated by a New York State Senator in his or her official capacity. Accordingly, all Senate Websites are subject to the provisions of the privacy policy as outlined herein (the “Privacy Policy”). If you have questions or comments about the Privacy Policy, please use the contact form located at < >.

Please note that although Senate Websites may offer links to other websites of interest, the Senate disclaims any responsibility for their content, accuracy or services, and cannot vouch for their information practices. Once a link takes a user outside of the Senate Website, the user is subject to the terms and conditions of such site.

Information Collected About Users:

A cookie is a tiny piece of data stored by a user's browser that helps a website or service recognize a user's unique computer. A user can remove or block cookies by changing the privacy settings on the Web browser.

Session Cookies’ are utilized by websites to track visitors in order to improve a user’s experience. Session cookies expire in a short period of time or when a browser window closes.

Persistent Cookies’ are utilized by websites to track visitors from session to session. The Senate uses Persistent Cookies for (a) users who create accounts with the Senate’s Websites, and (b) third-party vendors utilized by the Senate’s Websites, provided that in such instances the Senate seeks to create options which allow a user access to the same content without Persistent Cookies. 

In addition, the Senate may log (a) locations of computers or networks, otherwise known as ‘Internet protocol addresses’ or ‘IP addresses’, and/or (b) web traffic data, in order to analyze  visitor trends regarding the Senate’s Websites which will help improve its Websites. Please note that the Senate does not collect or track any user’s personal information through these processes.

Personal Information Submitted By Users:

Visitors will be invited to provide personal information in order to sign up for newsletters and/or to receive other information, assistance or Senate notifications. The Senate requires personal information from a visitor only when such visitor affirmatively requests information such as updates from a particular Senator or Committee.  Under no circumstances will the Senate sell or rent information submitted by visitors.

Furthermore, a visitor must affirmatively subscribe to a “contact distribution list”, including, but  not limited to, a contact distribution list comprised of postal mail or email addresses, telephone numbers, twitter and/or facebook accounts, in order to receive updates and notifications relating to specific issues. The Senate and its vendors configure software to restrict personal information access to a limited group of authorized Senate staff members and, if necessary, third-party vendors. Please note that the Senate considers the safeguarding of personal information of paramount importance and takes many precautions to ensure a visitor’s privacy.  However, since the Senate may not be the creator of the software used to manage a contact distribution list, it cannot be responsible for any software failure resulting in the disclosure of personal information.

The Senate uses personal information in a manner in which a visitor reasonably would anticipate.  However, the Senate will divulge personal information under the following exceptional circumstances:

  1. In order to comply with a court order, authorized law enforcement request, subpoena, or a Freedom of Information Law request; 
  2. In order to protect the health and/or safety of the public in an emergency situation; and/or
  3. In situations requiring the divulging of information, provided that the Senate will use best efforts to give prior notice to the affected visitor.


A visitor should be aware that Personal Information submitted to a Senator may be released at the end of such Senator’s term to his or her successor.  It is the responsibility of the individual visitor to contact his or her Senator in order to prevent the transmission of Personal Information.

Content Contributed by Visitors:

Visitors may be invited to contribute content to the Senate Website.  Such content may take the form of commentary, constituent stories, responses to online polls and surveys, and/or contributions of software code (“Contributed Content”).

Contributed Content which a user voluntarily submits, including, but not limited to, a visitor’s name, address and/or other contact information, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution "CC-By" license.  For further explanation relating to the Senate’s copyright and licensing policies, please go to < >. Please note that Contributed Content may be visible to other visitors of the Senate Website.  Contributed Content  relating to software code is subject to its respective software license.  If a visitor wishes to contribute to the Senate’s software code please visit < >.

Security Disclaimer:

This Privacy Policy should not be construed as giving any legal or other advice or guaranteeing the security of the information provided through the Senate Websites.


Senate Websites comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), and do not knowingly contact or collect personal information from children under the age of 13.

Updated: 20 Dec 2010