Sen. Akshar's Petition to Oppose Giving Prisoners a 400% Raise

Do prisoner's deserve a 400% raise?

This year, New York is facing a nearly $5 billion total budget deficit, yet the Democrat Senate Majority is introducing legislation to raise the taxpayer-funded wages prisoners across the state with no estimates on how much it will cost taxpayers. 

Senator  Zellnor Myrie (D - Brooklyn) has introduced the "Prison Minimum Wage Act" to set the minimum wage for all prisoners at $3.00 per hour. Currently, inmates earn between 10 cents and $1.14 an hour ($0.62 on average) for tasks such as cleaning, maintenance and manufacturing products. 

All prisons in New York are publicly owned and operated by law, with no private entity owning or operating any facility where inmates are incarcerated.  

According to publicly released data, New York currently spends $9 million annually on prison inmate wages. A flat $3.00 wage increase could add as much as $100 million to the annual cost. 

New York needs to get its priorities straight. Before we think about giving raises to prisoners, we need to fulfill our obligation to law-abiding citizens, like Direct Service Professionals who take care of those with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Last year Governor Cuomo promised a cost of living adjustment increase be included in each State Budget starting in 2018, but has since left it out of his 2020 budget proposal.

Let's start with paying law abiding citizens what we owe them before raising wages for convicted felons.

Join Senator Fred Akshar today and sign the petition to oppose giving prisoners a 400% raise.  

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