Stop Amazon: #NoHQ2 in LIC

November 20, 2018

Sign our petition to say loud and clear: No taxpayer-funded corporate welfare for Amazon. No to secretive, undemocratic dealmaking. No to bypassing community review. No to HQ2! 

Our City & State should not give nearly $3 billion in tax breaks and subsidies to one of the richest companies in the world to come to Long Island City when our community already faces an infrastructure and transportation deficit. 

Senator Gianaris Rallies Against Amazon in Long Island City - 11.14.18

This deal will be bad for Western Queens. Amazon has a long history of being anti-union, underpaying its workers, and preying on local small businesses. We cannot allow long-time residents of Long Island City and the surrounding neighborhoods of Woodside, Astoria, and Sunnyside to be driven out by rising rents and congested transit. The community should not be excluded from this process.

Add your name and share! Together, we can win this fight.

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