2019 Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. We received outstanding poems, essays, and artwork that exemplify the creativity of New York State’s young people.

The submissions received are remarkable in what they represent – showing gratitude and respect for family, friends, our community, and many other important subjects and activities. I am humbled and honored to see such inspiring contributions in response to what is a deceptively difficult question: “What are you thankful for?”

On behalf of the New York State Senate, I would like to offer my wholehearted congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. 


Anna M. Kaplan

2019 Submissions

Carrie Palmer Weber Middle School

6th Grade

all of the students a work of art (pdf)

Anthony an essay (pdf)

Ariadni an essay (pdf)

Charlie an essay (pdf)

conor a poem (pdf)

Frank a poem (pdf)

frank a poem (pdf)

Gianni a work of art (jpg)

Matthew a poem (jpg)

naoh a poem (jpg)

naoh a poem (pdf)

Noah an essay (pdf)

Noah a poem (pdf)

Robert a poem (pdf)

Robert a poem (pdf)

Steven an essay (pdf)

Stevyn an essay (pdf)

Happy Montessori School Of Port Washington


Ava a work of art (pdf)

Avery a work of art (pdf)

Camilla a work of art (pdf)

Charlotte a work of art (pdf)

Dean a work of art (pdf)

Eve a work of art (pdf)

Finn a work of art (pdf)

Harper a work of art (pdf)

Haruto a work of art (pdf)

Kal a work of art (pdf)

Katerina a work of art (pdf)

Layla a work of art (pdf)

Louise a work of art (pdf)

Madison a work of art (pdf)

Masaaki a work of art (pdf)

Preston a work of art (pdf)

Richa a work of art (pdf)

Santino a work of art (pdf)

Vivian a work of art (pdf)

Zachary a work of art (pdf)

Henry Viscardi School

6th Grade

Angel an essay (docx)

Beste an essay (docx)

Lilly Gomez an essay (docx)

John Street School


Chase a work of art (jpeg)

5th Grade

Aiden Martinez an essay (docx)

Gabriella Fiduccia an essay (docx)

6th Grade

Amari a work of art (jpeg)

Dylan Zitti an essay (jpeg)

Ella Clark a work of art (jpeg)

Ella Clark a poem (jpeg)

Emma Pedro a work of art (jpeg)

Hailey Maresca an essay (jpeg)

Isabella Oles an essay (jpeg)

Jake Badurski a work of art (jpeg)

Ryan a work of art (jpeg)

Sophia b a work of art (jpeg)

New Hyde Park Road School

1st Grade

Presley Nonaillada a work of art (jpeg)

5th Grade

Aaron a work of art (jpg)

Antonio a work of art (jpg)

Axl a work of art (jpg)

Ayesha a work of art (jpg)

Christos a work of art (jpg)

Dylan a work of art (jpg)

Ethan a poem (jpg)

Grace a work of art (jpg)

Harine a work of art (jpg)

Kaitlyn a poem (jpg)

Kehara a work of art (jpg)

Leila a work of art (jpg)

Lia a work of art (jpg)

Lilly a work of art (jpg)

Nevin a work of art (jpg)

Sarah a work of art (jpg)

Shay a work of art (jpg)

Sophia a work of art (jpg)

Tommy a work of art (jpg)

6th Grade

Aaron Chen an essay (docx)

Allison Osegueda Gamez an essay (docx)

Amaan Saeed an essay (docx)

Ariana Muhammed an essay (docx)

Britney an essay (jpg)

Carlie DiMartino an essay (docx)

Daniel Cuchapin an essay (docx)

Daniel Lynn an essay (docx)

Disha Chakraborty an essay (docx)

Edward Kuczinski an essay (docx)

Emma an essay (jpg)

Gracie Anthony an essay (docx)

Hongxiang Kang an essay (docx)

Jason J. an essay (jpg)

Jason K. an essay (jpg)

Joanna Granados Molina an essay (docx)

Leah Del Orbe an essay (docx)

Lucas Rahner an essay (docx)

Mason Berardelli an essay (docx)

Olivia an essay (jpg)

Rebecca Domeny an essay (docx)

Rishi an essay (jpg)

Roger Chen an essay (docx)

Samantha Pergola an essay (docx)

Shahriyar Bari an essay (docx)

Shivam Moorjani an essay (docx)

Siddhanth Surya an essay (docx)

Our Lady Of Victory School


Abigail an essay (pdf)

Amelia an essay (pdf)

Aminnata an essay (pdf)

Cassidy an essay (pdf)

Elvis an essay (pdf)

Emily an essay (pdf)

Ethan an essay (pdf)

Filomena an essay (pdf)

Giuseppe an essay (pdf)

Grayson an essay (pdf)

Ian an essay (pdf)

Julie an essay (pdf)

Karter an essay (pdf)

Kayden an essay (pdf)

Leonardo an essay (pdf)

Liam an essay (pdf)

Luca an essay (pdf)

Luna an essay (pdf)

Madelyn an essay (pdf)

Mia an essay (pdf)

Molly an essay (pdf)

Norah an essay (pdf)

Olivia an essay (pdf)

Owen an essay (pdf)

Ryan an essay (pdf)

Scarlett an essay (pdf)

Shira an essay (pdf)

Valentina an essay (pdf)

Xavier an essay (pdf)

1st Grade

Ana Marisa Markovic a poem (pdf)

Angelina Wignarajah a poem (pdf)

Anthony Bonagura a poem (pdf)

Caitlyn Fiebelkorn a poem (pdf)

Daniella Nunez a poem (pdf)

Ephesah Varghese a poem (pdf)

Fiona Fenton a poem (pdf)

Grace Galla a poem (pdf)

Grace Palmese a poem (pdf)

Henry Giraldo a poem (pdf)

Isabella Ciotti a poem (pdf)

Isabella Ieraci a poem (pdf)

Kenneddy Douyon a poem (pdf)

Kiera Tamburino a poem (pdf)

Maeve Moroney a poem (pdf)

Mason Burgess a poem (pdf)

Matthew Feglia a poem (pdf)

Natalie Duni a poem (pdf)

Nicholas Menard a poem (pdf)

Robert Donovan a poem (pdf)

Samantha Assad a poem (pdf)

Sophia Aucone a poem (pdf)

Thomas Wahlig a poem (pdf)

Trey DeAngelis a poem (pdf)

2nd Grade

Alyssa an essay (pdf)

Annalise an essay (pdf)

Brendan H an essay (pdf)

Caiden A. an essay (pdf)

Caitlin H. an essay (pdf)

Caitlin L. an essay (pdf)

Conor an essay (pdf)

Dakota an essay (pdf)

Dominic an essay (pdf)

Francesca an essay (pdf)

James an essay (pdf)

Janna an essay (pdf)

Jayden G an essay (pdf)

Jayden P an essay (pdf)

Jayden P an essay (pdf)

Joseph an essay (pdf)

Liam an essay (pdf)

Marie an essay (pdf)

Matthew an essay (pdf)

Milena an essay (pdf)

Morgan an essay (pdf)

Olivia an essay (pdf)

Reagan an essay (pdf)

Riley an essay (pdf)

Virginia an essay (pdf)