2019 Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. We received outstanding poems, essays, and artwork that exemplify the creativity of New York State’s young people.

The submissions received are remarkable in what they represent – showing gratitude and respect for family, friends, our community, and many other important subjects and activities. I am humbled and honored to see such inspiring contributions in response to what is a deceptively difficult question: “What are you thankful for?”

On behalf of the New York State Senate, I would like to offer my wholehearted congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. 


Diane J. Savino

2019 Submissions

Holy Rosary School

4th Grade

Aiden Naranjo an essay (pdf)

Andrew Chan an essay (pdf)

Arianna Samuel an essay (pdf)

Bogdan Sancu an essay (pdf)

Brandon Maisonet an essay (pdf)

Brandon Medina an essay (pdf)

Dustin Cajita an essay (pdf)

Marcel Mieczkowski an essay (pdf)

Nathan Ettinger an essay (pdf)

Zahara Moitt an essay (pdf)

Is 303 Herbert S Eisenberg

6th Grade

6-122 an essay (pdf)

Jaiden Charles a work of art (jpg)

Majed Hassan a work of art (jpg)

Ray Capitulo a work of art (jpg)

Vova Kovtsun a work of art (jpg)

IS 98 Bay Academy

6th Grade

Andrea Navasardov a poem (pdf)

Angelo Minetti a work of art (pdf)

Ava Dobrin a work of art (pdf)

Eileen Chen a work of art (pdf)

Elizabeth Rapava a poem (docx)

Iman Mahmood a poem (docx)

Jeana Bijoy an essay (docx)

Kamile Amany a poem (docx)

Notre Dame Academy Elementary School

2nd Grade

Damilola Awolesi a poem (docx)

3rd Grade

Alyssa Kalikas a poem (pdf)

Our Lady Of Good Counsel School

6th Grade

Caroline Kasegrande a poem (pdf)

Christian Casatelli a poem (pdf)

Connor Finn an essay (pdf)

Elizabeth Keane a poem (pdf)

Elliana Loffreno a poem (pdf)

Emily Snell a poem (pdf)

Emma Creech a poem (pdf)

Georgia Correll a poem (pdf)

Jack Hyland a poem (pdf)

James Evans an essay (pdf)

Jayla Rae DiTringo an essay (pdf)

Jillian Shea a poem (pdf)

Lexi Sclafani an essay (pdf)

Lily Ahlborn a poem (pdf)

Luca Arnone a work of art (jpeg)

Maggie Russo an essay (pdf)

Nicholas Puccio a poem (pdf)

Paola Caravello an essay (pdf)

Roshane Perera an essay (pdf)

Samantha Ragucci an essay (pdf)

Sean a poem (pdf)

Simona Caravello a poem (pdf)

Star Papas a poem (pdf)

Talia Lioce a poem (pdf)

Thomas Marshall a poem (pdf)

Port Richmond School for Visionary Learning


Brent a work of art (jpeg)

Marc a work of art (jpeg)

Musaab a work of art (jpeg)

PS 212 Lady Deborah Moody

5th Grade

Anaya Toomer a work of art (pdf)

Brian Lin a work of art (pdf)

Carmin Li a work of art (pdf)

Cindy Zheng a work of art (pdf)

Kelly Wu a work of art (pdf)

PS 31 William T Davis

4th Grade

Dywann Daniels an essay (jpg)

Ethan Rodriguez an essay (jpg)

Taniyah Miles an essay (jpg)

Tiana Castio an essay (jpg)

Saint Adalbert School

6th Grade

Aaron Wiltshire an essay (jpeg)

Abigail Lewis an essay (png)

Alexandra Tavarez an essay (pdf)

Azizsa Slaughter an essay (pdf)

Brianna caliri an essay (png)

Catalina an essay (jpeg)

Christopher Malone an essay (jpeg)

Elle Barrera an essay (jpeg)

Emily Lavelle an essay (pdf)

Isaiah Vanterpool an essay (png)

Janec Fabian an essay (pdf)

Richard Reinhold an essay (jpeg)

Seth Wiltshire an essay (pdf)

Saint Joseph Hill Academy Elementary School

4th Grade

Andrew Brandon 4th grade a work of art (jpg)

Ashley Frisz 4th grade a work of art (jpg)

Charlotte Tama 8th grade a work of art (jpg)

Mia Akhrass 6th grade a work of art (jpg)

Tyler Licari 5th grade a work of art (jpg)

Smiles Around Us Academy


Daniel Gounko a work of art (pdf)

Daniel Stillman a work of art (pdf)

Emma Smolyar a work of art (pdf)

Emma Vorotilo a work of art (pdf)

Gia Sloan a work of art (pdf)

John Alabdoun a work of art (pdf)

Margarita Davidov a work of art (pdf)

Nikita Churikov a work of art (pdf)

Roman Shulim a work of art (pdf)

Vera Von Berg a work of art (pdf)

1st Grade

Alexia Garabedian a work of art (jpeg)

Jonathan Krumer a work of art (jpg)

Kayla Ortiz a work of art (jpg)

Landen Savransky a work of art (jpg)

Mellana Benim a work of art (jpg)

Nicholas Sadamov a work of art (jpg)

Nicole Klimtsova a work of art (jpg)

Nika Bykhovski a work of art (jpg)

2nd Grade

Anna Bogonovski an essay (jpeg)

Arianna Kazakevich an essay (jpeg)

Caden Lankios an essay (jpeg)

Daniel Zabiguylo an essay (jpeg)

Emily Boytsov an essay (jpeg)

Emma Vasco an essay (jpeg)

Isabelle Bobrov an essay (jpeg)

Jaclyn Bobrov an essay (jpeg)

Joseph Feldman an essay (jpeg)

Mariam Shaorshadze an essay (jpeg)

Ronen Mayzus an essay (jpeg)

Tianyu Zhang-Oliva an essay (jpeg)

3rd Grade

Alexandra De Ploti an essay (jpg)

Andrew Daly an essay (jpg)

Artemiy Churikov an essay (jpg)

Beatrice a work of art (jpg)

Damien Ortiz an essay (jpg)

Damien Ortiz an essay (jpg)

Daniella Rakhminov an essay (jpg)

Eva Zarichny an essay (jpg)

Iman Canada an essay (jpg)

Julia Grin an essay (jpg)

Kylie Savransky an essay (jpg)

Lisa Belyaeva an essay (jpg)

Mason Bulgakov an essay (jpg)

Maximillian De Ploti an essay (jpg)

Millana Durova an essay (jpg)

Ms. Beatrice an essay (jpg)

St Peter Catholic Academy

6th Grade

DAVID METREVELI a work of art (jpg)

The Harbor View School


Elijah Jones a work of art (jpg)

Gianna Matamoros a work of art (jpg)

Louise Craven a work of art (jpg)

Ronnie Hearn a work of art (jpg)

Zyon Joseph a work of art (jpg)

1st Grade

Aedyn Gildersleeve a work of art (jpg)

Asher Herrera a work of art (jpg)

Ellie Toner a work of art (jpg)

Jahmir McIntosh a work of art (jpg)

Jo'Ali Harris-Tucker a work of art (jpg)

Katherine Frank a work of art (jpg)

Leah Udofia a work of art (jpg)

Salimata Samb a work of art (jpg)

2nd Grade

A'jani Harris-Tucker a work of art (jpg)

Beniah Gray a work of art (jpg)

Breann Forbes a work of art (jpg)

Freya Anderson a work of art (jpg)

Jade Lopez a work of art (jpg)

Logan Blas a work of art (jpg)

Noori Ba a work of art (jpg)

Preston Rivera a work of art (jpg)

3rd Grade

Alecia Forbes a work of art (jpg)

Martina Gildersleeve a work of art (jpg)

Zaccheus Pendleton a work of art (jpg)