2021 Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. We received outstanding poems, essays, and artwork that exemplify the creativity of New York State’s young people.

The submissions received are remarkable in what they represent – showing gratitude and respect for family, friends, our community, and many other important subjects and activities. I am humbled and honored to see such inspiring contributions in response to what is a deceptively difficult question: “What are you thankful for?”

On behalf of the New York State Senate, I would like to offer my wholehearted congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. 


Diane J. Savino

2021 Submissions

Big Apple Institute Inc

3rd Grade

Elizabeth Telnov an essay (jpeg)

6th Grade

Valeri Telnov an essay (jpeg)

IS 98 Bay Academy

6th Grade

Adria Anadolli a poem (pdf)

Alan Kofman a poem (jpg)

Anastasia Smelnitsky a poem (pdf)

Chloe Liu a poem (docx)

Elizabeth Botvinsky a poem (jpg)

Elly Zou a poem (pdf)

Eva Shapiro a poem (jpg)

Gianna Elterman an essay (docx)

Isabella Shan an essay (docx)

Isabelle Alperin a poem (pdf)

Ivan Li an essay (pdf)

Julia Zorin a poem (pdf)

Nataliya Stroykina an essay (pdf)

Olivia Danilovich an essay (pdf)

Roman Brinzensky a poem (pdf)

Ruslan Tairov an essay (docx)

Ustyn Chornyy an essay (pdf)

Wingyee Cheung an essay (pdf)

Mazel Day School

4th Grade

Abbie Verkhovsky an essay (pdf)

Abigail Rabaev an essay (pdf)

Ari Jakubowitz an essay (pdf)

Arianna Produn an essay (pdf)

Dalia Goloborodsky an essay (pdf)

Daniel Yonawitch an essay (pdf)

Eliana Kiperberg an essay (pdf)

Jacqueline Lichtbraun an essay (pdf)

Jake Sandler an essay (pdf)

Jonathan Peled an essay (pdf)

Josh Arama an essay (pdf)

Josh Simcha an essay (pdf)

Leah Vaysberg an essay (pdf)

Matthew Yushvaev an essay (pdf)

Reesa Lowenbein an essay (pdf)

Sarah Zilberberg an essay (pdf)

Shulie Raykhman an essay (pdf)

Sophia Spiegel an essay (pdf)

Notre Dame Academy Elementary School

2nd Grade

Aurelia Cruz a work of art (pdf)

6th Grade

Madison Abrams an essay (pdf)

Yashini Surendrajit a work of art (pdf)

Smiles Around Us Academy


Angelina Tokhyan a work of art (jpg)

Jessie Alabdoun a work of art (jpg)

Mark Schiebert a work of art (jpg)

Nikita Kavalchuk a work of art (jpg)

1st Grade

Anthony Berdichenskiy a work of art (jpeg)

Arianna Syamlulin a work of art (jpeg)

Ava Abramov a work of art (jpeg)

Daniel Baranov a work of art (jpeg)

Hannah Rozenfeld a work of art (jpeg)

James Markus a work of art (jpeg)

Joselyn Smith a work of art (jpeg)

Margaret Burmistrovich a work of art (jpeg)

Monica Klimtsova a work of art (jpeg)

Ryan Radushinsky a work of art (jpeg)

2nd Grade

Emma Smolyar an essay (jpg)

Emma Vorotilo an essay (jpg)

Gia Sloan an essay (jpg)

John Alabdoun an essay (jpg)

Roman Shulim an essay (jpg)

Vera Von Berg an essay (jpg)

3rd Grade

Alexia an essay (jpg)

Landen an essay (jpg)

Max an essay (jpg)

Michael an essay (jpg)

Nicole an essay (jpg)

Nika an essay (jpg)

4th Grade

Anna B an essay (jpg)

Arianna K an essay (jpg)

Dylan an essay (jpg)

Emma V an essay (jpg)

Grant G an essay (jpg)

Isabella Bobrov an essay (jpg)

Jaclyn B an essay (jpg)

Mariam S an essay (jpg)

Ronen M an essay (jpg)

5th Grade

Ariana Glekh a poem (pdf)

Daniella Rakhminov a poem (pdf)

Iman Canada a poem (pdf)

Julia Grin a poem (pdf)

Kylie Savransky a poem (pdf)

Nicholas a poem (pdf)

Nick Yampolsky a poem (pdf)

Philipp a poem (pdf)

Sheng Lee a poem (pdf)

6th Grade

Eric Mayzus a poem (pdf)

Maxim Elperin a poem (pdf)

Nicole Kiselev a poem (pdf)

Raymond Markis a poem (pdf)

Salene Resutova a poem (pdf)

Steven Feldblyum a poem (pdf)