2018 Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. We received outstanding poems, essays, and artwork that exemplify the creativity of New York State’s young people.

The submissions received are remarkable in what they represent – showing gratitude and respect for family, friends, our troops fighting overseas, and many other important subjects and activities. I am humbled and honored to see such inspiring contributions in response to what is a deceptively difficult question: “What are you thankful for?”

On behalf of the New York State Senate, I would like to offer my wholehearted congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration.


Diane J. Savino

2018 Submissions

Is 303 Herbert S Eisenberg

6th Grade

Room 122 an essay (docx)

IS 98 Bay Academy

6th Grade

Alison Danilovich a poem (docx)

Ayza Qureshi a poem (docx)

Brandon Margolin a work of art (jpg)

Evelyn Kofman a work of art (jpg)

Jacqueline Belorusets a poem (docx)

Jacqueline Belorusets a poem (docx)

Julia Elegudin a work of art (jpg)

Kate Tsertsvadze a poem (docx)

Kate Tsertsvadze a poem (docx)

Maja Kuberska an essay (jpg)

Marietta Falconieri an essay (jpg)

Raine Kong a work of art (jpg)

Tiffany Wen a work of art (jpg)

Xeniya Popkova a work of art (jpg)

Yixin Zhang a poem (docx)

Mazel Day School

4th Grade

Aaron an essay (pdf)

David Y an essay (pdf)

Eli an essay (pdf)

Eliana an essay (pdf)

Hannah an essay (pdf)

Ilana an essay (pdf)

Josh an essay (pdf)

Josh Levitis an essay (pdf)

Mariella an essay (pdf)

Mark an essay (pdf)

Yosi an essay (jpg)

Notre Dame Academy Elementary School

2nd Grade

Jaynaly Stanislaus an essay (png)

3rd Grade

Madison Abram a poem (pdf)

PS 209 Margaret Mead

5th Grade

Athena Perez an essay (pdf)

Claire Petino an essay (pdf)

Raisa Ibnat a work of art (pdf)

6th Grade

Ahlam a poem (pdf)

Daniel Stanski an essay (docx)

Diana a work of art (jpg)

Elvin a poem (docx)

Jordy Carvente an essay (docx)

Justin Toxqui an essay (docx)

Maida a poem (jpg)

Miley a poem (pdf)

Randy Rojas an essay (docx)

Sophia Mohammad a poem (docx)

Tiara Hernandez an essay (docx)

Yahya a poem (pdf)

PS 21 Margaret Emery-Elm Park

2nd Grade

Branden Obermayer a work of art (jpg)

Itzelh Rojas a work of art (jpg)

Jayden Martinez a work of art (jpg)

Qua'Mere Johnson a work of art (jpg)

Samantha Andres a work of art (jpg)

PS 212 Lady Deborah Moody

5th Grade

Amanda a work of art (pdf)

BiJie a work of art (pdf)

Emily a work of art (pdf)

Kathy a work of art (pdf)

Maylyn a work of art (pdf)

Sacred Heart School

4th Grade

Angela Laureno an essay (docx)

Ava Jichetti an essay (docx)

Chidubem an essay (docx)

Daniel Rojas an essay (pdf)

Ejatou Jallow an essay (docx)

Elijah Greene an essay (docx)

Elijah Horn an essay (docx)

Jia Grannis an essay (docx)

Kristy Hoey an essay (docx)

luke Ahern an essay (docx)

Saint Adalbert School

6th Grade

Abigail Lewis an essay (pdf)

Andrew Korsberg an essay (pdf)

Brianna caliri an essay (png)

Chloe Williams an essay (pdf)

Emily Flaum an essay (pdf)

Isaiah Vanterpool an essay (pdf)

Joshua Bunch an essay (pdf)

Oriane Okolie an essay (pdf)

Owen Vogt an essay (pdf)

Peter Ramin an essay (pdf)

Saint Joseph Hill Academy Elementary School

3rd Grade

Luca Bagliore a work of art (jpg)

Marco Bagliore a work of art (jpg)

Smiles Around Us Academy


Alexia Garabedian a work of art (jpeg)

Eldar Agaev a work of art (jpeg)

Gregory Davidov a work of art (jpeg)

John Alabdoum a work of art (jpeg)

Jonathan Krumer a work of art (jpeg)

Landen Savransky a work of art (jpeg)

Mellana Benim a work of art (jpeg)

Nicole Klimtsova a work of art (jpeg)

Nika Bykhovski a work of art (jpeg)

Sarah Melnyk a work of art (jpeg)

1st Grade

Alexandra De Ploti an essay (pdf)

Anastasia Kondrukevich an essay (pdf)

Arianna Kazakevich an essay (pdf)

Caden Lankios an essay (pdf)

Emily Boytsov an essay (pdf)

Emily Gibbs an essay (pdf)

Emma Vasco an essay (jpg)

Jaclyn Bobrov an essay (pdf)

Ronen Mayzus an essay (pdf)

Sofia Soltsman an essay (pdf)

Tian Yu Zhang- Olivia an essay (pdf)

2nd Grade

Andrew an essay (jpg)

Artemiy an essay (jpg)

Brian an essay (jpg)

Daniella an essay (jpg)

Eva an essay (jpg)

Iman an essay (jpg)

Izet an essay (jpg)

Julia an essay (jpg)

Kylie an essay (jpg)

Lisa an essay (jpg)

Lucas an essay (jpg)

Mason an essay (jpg)

Max an essay (jpg)

Millana an essay (jpg)

3rd Grade

Aidan Kaplan an essay (jpeg)

Elizabeth Zabiguylo an essay (jpeg)

Emmanuel Lankios an essay (jpeg)

Eric Mayzus an essay (jpeg)

Erik Palkin an essay (jpg)

Ivan Yatsykiv an essay (jpeg)

Maria Chernobrivets an essay (jpeg)

Mark Meyerzon an essay (jpeg)

Maxim Elperin an essay (jpeg)

Michael Klimtsov an essay (jpeg)

Michael Shvetsov an essay (jpeg)

Michelle Boytsov an essay (jpeg)

Michelle Lupach an essay (jpeg)

Nicole Kiselev an essay (jpeg)

Raymond Markis an essay (jpeg)

sophia Kantarowitz an essay (jpeg)

Stefany Slavin an essay (jpeg)

Steven Feldblyum an essay (jpeg)

4th Grade

Ariella a work of art (jpg)

Edgar a work of art (jpg)

Isabella a work of art (jpg)

Nikolay a work of art (jpg)

Oscar a work of art (jpg)

Valen a work of art (jpg)

5th Grade

Andrey Kondrukevich an essay (jpg)

Ashley Markis an essay (jpg)

Briana Bobrov an essay (jpg)

Daniel John an essay (jpg)

Edward Leokuvich an essay (jpg)

Emma Olekhonivch an essay (jpg)

Eric Savkub an essay (jpg)

Gabriel Savkub an essay (jpg)

Gabriel Shvetsov an essay (jpg)

Katya Perchnonok an essay (jpg)

Michael Belenky an essay (jpg)

Michele Giterman an essay (jpg)

Natalie Lisitsyn an essay (jpg)

Vicktoria Giterman an essay (jpg)