2020 Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. We received outstanding poems, essays, and artwork that exemplify the creativity of New York State’s young people.

The submissions received are remarkable in what they represent – showing gratitude and respect for family, friends, our community, and many other important subjects and activities. I am humbled and honored to see such inspiring contributions in response to what is a deceptively difficult question: “What are you thankful for?”

On behalf of the New York State Senate, I would like to offer my wholehearted congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. 


Fred Akshar

2020 Submissions

A F Palmer Elementary School / Windsor Central Middle School

5th Grade

Addison Cease an essay (pdf)

Alexander Merrin-Robinson an essay (pdf)

Annalena Dozoretz an essay (pdf)

Chelsea Stoeckel an essay (pdf)

DellaRae Dayton an essay (pdf)

Deziree Garrigan an essay (pdf)

Laurence Salisbury an essay (pdf)

Matthew Vanderpool an essay (pdf)

Samantha Hill an essay (pdf)

Savannah Murray an essay (pdf)

Savannah Tucker an essay (pdf)

Sawyer Beeman an essay (pdf)

Sophia Kholod an essay (pdf)

6th Grade

Lucas Baierlein a work of art (jpg)

Candor Elementary School

5th Grade

Julia Blinn a work of art (pdf)

6th Grade

Anthony Ludlam a work of art (pdf)

Hunter Short a work of art (pdf)

Stanley Winnick a work of art (pdf)

Valeria Polanco-Gil a work of art (pdf)

Chenango Bridge Elementary School

4th Grade

Charlotte and Emma a work of art (jpg)

George F Johnson Elementary School

4th Grade

Alex Presta an essay (pdf)

Da'Maurion Davis an essay (pdf)

JaLayah Evans an essay (pdf)

Makyra Mckenzie an essay (pdf)

Marshall DuVaul an essay (pdf)

Greene Middle School

6th Grade

Stacey a poem (pdf)

Hillel Academy


Charlotte W a work of art (jpg)

Chloe S a work of art (jpg)

Dani d a work of art (jpg)

1st Grade

Uri E a work of art (jpg)

Zelda S a work of art (jpg)

Zelda S a work of art (jpg)

2nd Grade

Philip F a work of art (jpg)

3rd Grade

Icah a work of art (jpg)

Moussia S a work of art (jpg)

Shterny C a work of art (jpg)

4th Grade

Jailyn B a work of art (jpg)

5th Grade

Aviva K a work of art (jpg)

Shari Y a work of art (jpg)

Thea Y a work of art (jpg)

Homer Brink School

5th Grade

Christian Davis a work of art (jpg)

hunter a work of art (png)

Kiara Neal an essay (pdf)

Reannon Braman a work of art (pdf)

Johnson City Elementary/intermediate School

3rd Grade

Madison Kinzman a work of art (jpeg)

Owego Elementary School

5th Grade

Chloe Smith a work of art (pdf)

Clara Welch a work of art (jpg)

Jenna McEvoy a work of art (jpg)

Leah Clark a work of art (jpg)

Macey Shaw a work of art (jpg)

Oxford Academy Primary School

1st Grade

John Tumminia a work of art (jpeg)

2nd Grade

Scarlett Tumminia a work of art (jpeg)

3rd Grade

Adrianna Naber a work of art (jpeg)

Joseph Locke a work of art (jpeg)

4th Grade

Bray Barrows a work of art (jpeg)

Jayden Rathbun a work of art (png)

Ryker Heggie a work of art (jpeg)

Richard T Stank Middle School

5th Grade

Amelia Frisbie a poem (jpg)

Tioga Middle School

6th Grade

Adrienne Delmage an essay (pdf)

Alex DeWitt a work of art (docx)

Allen Winans a work of art (docx)

Elijah Bellis a work of art (docx)

Gavin Kithcart a work of art (docx)

Jaylynn Bostwick an essay (docx)

Jessie a work of art (jpg)

Natalie Engelbert a work of art (docx)

Rachel Carter a work of art (docx)

Skyler Nelson an essay (pdf)

Vanessa Tunnicliff an essay (pdf)

Tioughnioga Riverside Academy

4th Grade

Kaleb Cheeseman a work of art (jpg)

5th Grade

Adrieanna a poem (pdf)

Braydan a poem (pdf)

Danielle a poem (pdf)

Gavin a poem (pdf)

Kelsey a poem (pdf)

Miles a poem (pdf)

Norah a poem (pdf)

Peyton a poem (pdf)

Shane a poem (pdf)

Westin a poem (pdf)

Vestal Hills Elementary School

5th Grade

Aiden Niles-Brown an essay (pdf)

Andrew Gould an essay (pdf)

Audrey Christensen an essay (pdf)

Ava McGlynn an essay (pdf)

Eli Green an essay (pdf)

Emuna Lissy an essay (pdf)

Grant Cutting an essay (docx)

Kevin Middendorf an essay (pdf)

Laveen Halit an essay (pdf)

Michael Wong an essay (pdf)

Mohammad Merkhan an essay (pdf)

Olivia Leach an essay (pdf)

Robin Flint an essay (pdf)

Rowan McCollum a poem (pdf)

Shamiiqa Theophile an essay (pdf)

Talya Suleiman an essay (pdf)

Tyler Hayes an essay (pdf)

Waverly Middle School

6th Grade

Aiden Reynolds an essay (docx)

Allie Benjamin an essay (docx)

Austin Burns an essay (docx)

Ava Heath an essay (docx)

Collin Wheeler an essay (docx)

Kayden Thompson an essay (docx)

Maddox Montanye an essay (docx)

Madyson Briggs an essay (docx)

Nico Rae an essay (docx)

Taylor Stark an essay (docx)

Trent VanDyke an essay (docx)

Whitney Snyder an essay (docx)