2018 Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. We received outstanding poems, essays, and artwork that exemplify the creativity of New York State’s young people.

The submissions received are remarkable in what they represent – showing gratitude and respect for family, friends, our troops fighting overseas, and many other important subjects and activities. I am humbled and honored to see such inspiring contributions in response to what is a deceptively difficult question: “What are you thankful for?”

On behalf of the New York State Senate, I would like to offer my wholehearted congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration.


Fred Akshar

2018 Submissions

Greene Middle School

6th Grade

Abilene Yahner a poem (pdf)

Aidan Roth a poem (pdf)

Aiden Marcin a poem (pdf)

Alexander Stewart an essay (pdf)

Alexandrea Walts a poem (pdf)

Alexandria Veninsky a poem (pdf)

Alexis Clark a poem (pdf)

Amber Barbaro a poem (pdf)

Aryanna Bush a poem (pdf)

Ashton Pezzino a poem (pdf)

Audra Doll an essay (pdf)

Bella Begley a poem (pdf)

Brian Mills a poem (pdf)

Caden Gregware a poem (pdf)

Cali Knapp an essay (pdf)

Chloe Fowler a poem (pdf)

Christopher Callahan a poem (pdf)

Claire Flanagan a poem (pdf)

Clara Reynolds a poem (pdf)

Colten Smith a poem (pdf)

Cross Dzikiewicz a poem (pdf)

Daniel Wilson an essay (pdf)

Destiny Chernoff a poem (pdf)

Elias Fleming a poem (pdf)

Elizabeth Criddle an essay (pdf)

Ella Gaylord a poem (pdf)

Emmaline Harris an essay (pdf)

Holly Pierce a poem (pdf)

Hunter Becker a poem (pdf)

Hunter Osman an essay (pdf)

Jack Prindle an essay (pdf)

Jacob Lester an essay (pdf)

Jaiden Wagner a poem (pdf)

Jayden Townsend a poem (pdf)

Jazmine Garcia a poem (pdf)

John Komperda a poem (pdf)

Joshua Lester a poem (pdf)

Kalena Foster a poem (pdf)

Keaton Browning an essay (pdf)

Keeli Roe an essay (pdf)

Kegan Evans an essay (pdf)

Kenley Jenks an essay (pdf)

Kenzie Button an essay (pdf)

Kiura Bowers an essay (pdf)

Kloden Rapp a poem (pdf)

Liesl Ludolph an essay (pdf)

Lincoln Youngs a poem (pdf)

Maddison Gates an essay (pdf)

Madison Giannetto a poem (pdf)

Maxsim Kovalev a poem (pdf)

McKenna Slater an essay (pdf)

Memphis Lamoreaux an essay (pdf)

Morgan Puglisi a poem (pdf)

Morgan Quarella a poem (pdf)

Myleigh Ryder a poem (pdf)

Nadia Brown a poem (pdf)

Nicholas Holt an essay (pdf)

Nora Fey a poem (pdf)

Paris Stiglich a poem (pdf)

Parker Flanagan an essay (pdf)

Parker Wright a poem (pdf)

Sadie Sexton an essay (pdf)

Sara Dominguez-Acevedo a poem (pdf)

Savannah Cowan a poem (pdf)

Savannah Nowalk an essay (pdf)

Shanna Krupp an essay (pdf)

Sidra Root an essay (pdf)

Stephen Gassert a poem (pdf)

Tanner Randall a poem (pdf)

Taylor Badger a poem (pdf)

Taylor Rose a poem (pdf)

Tristan Donnelly an essay (pdf)

Zabelle Straniero a poem (pdf)

Zachary Fleury a poem (pdf)

Zoe Chernoff an essay (pdf)

Hillel Academy


Phillip Foster a work of art (jpeg)

1st Grade

Micha Yarkoni a work of art (jpeg)

Moussia Slonim a work of art (jpeg)

Shterna Chein a work of art (jpeg)

Zohar Friedman a work of art (jpeg)

2nd Grade

Asaf Weiss a work of art (jpeg)

Eleanor Kellman an essay (jpeg)

Lilly Sullivan a work of art (jpeg)

Meyer Knapp an essay (jpeg)

Sloane Weinstein a work of art (jpeg)

Stella Titus a work of art (jpeg)

Yehuda Weiss an essay (jpeg)

3rd Grade

Eli Green an essay (pdf)

Mushky Chein a work of art (jpeg)

Shmulik Slonim a work of art (jpeg)

Thea Yarkoni a work of art (jpeg)

4th Grade

Aaron Sambursky a work of art (jpeg)

Mika Friedman a poem (pdf)

5th Grade

Berke Chein an essay (pdf)

Isaac Sambursky a work of art (jpeg)

Shira Green a poem (pdf)

Spencer-Van Etten Middle School

6th Grade

Anna McCall a work of art (pdf)

Aubrey Catablan a poem (docx)

Brandon Fanton a work of art (pdf)

Brianna Koehler a work of art (png)

Brianna Predmore an essay (docx)

Chloe Walker a poem (png)

Christopher Merrick a poem (png)

Colin Stiles a work of art (png)

Colton Churey an essay (docx)

Cyrus Toyryla a poem (png)

Dakota Jackman a work of art (png)

Dalton Buckingham a work of art (png)

Damien VanHousen a work of art (docx)

Destiny Jeffords a work of art (pdf)

Devon Bell a poem (png)

Dylan Rosa-Collazo a work of art (docx)

Edward Rixford an essay (png)

Elizabeth Talada an essay (png)

Emily Coats a poem (png)

Hannah Smith a poem (png)

James Chrysler an essay (png)

Jayden Armstrong a poem (docx)

Jayden Stone a work of art (png)

Jose Cruz a work of art (pdf)

Karson Kenville an essay (docx)

Katelyn Klym a work of art (png)

Kaylee-May Davidson a work of art (png)

Kevin Pierce a work of art (jpg)

Leici Dennison a work of art (png)

Lily Kunzman a work of art (png)

Lilyanah Doolittle a poem (png)

Mackenzie Coats an essay (png)

Magnolia Mitchell a work of art (png)

Makana Diboun a work of art (png)

Maria Ortolaza an essay (png)

Mason Tarentelli a work of art (png)

Nimah Salvato a poem (docx)

Oskar Secondo a work of art (pdf)

Owen Bly an essay (docx)

Reese Killen a work of art (png)

Rodney Ross an essay (docx)

Ryleah Stone a work of art (pdf)

Samantha Barber an essay (docx)

Shawn Haryczun a work of art (pdf)

Wayne Chandler an essay (docx)

Zachary Paucke a work of art (pdf)

Zane Thompson a work of art (png)

Zoe Zinna an essay (docx)