2019 Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. We received outstanding poems, essays, and artwork that exemplify the creativity of New York State’s young people.

The submissions received are remarkable in what they represent – showing gratitude and respect for family, friends, our community, and many other important subjects and activities. I am humbled and honored to see such inspiring contributions in response to what is a deceptively difficult question: “What are you thankful for?”

On behalf of the New York State Senate, I would like to offer my wholehearted congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. 


Fred Akshar

2019 Submissions

A F Palmer Elementary School / Windsor Central Middle School

6th Grade

Mitchell Latini a poem (docx)

Ryan Greene a poem (docx)

Chenango Forks Elementary School

3rd Grade

Alexander Chawan a poem (pdf)

Bradley Kuss a poem (pdf)

Chantel Dunagan a poem (pdf)

Connor Murphy a poem (pdf)

Emily Johnson a poem (pdf)

Evan Stethers a poem (pdf)

Grant Wildey a poem (pdf)

Gunner Berdine a poem (pdf)

Isabella Hepler a poem (pdf)

Jackson Perhach a poem (pdf)

Jaxon Brown a poem (pdf)

Johannah Howe a poem (pdf)

Karistah Griswold a poem (pdf)

Leah VanDoorn a poem (pdf)

Logan Morgan a poem (pdf)

Madison Andruela a poem (pdf)

Patricia Su a poem (pdf)

Sophia Benedict a poem (pdf)

Trevor Harding a poem (pdf)

Greene Middle School

6th Grade

Abby Clark a poem (pdf)

Abigail Criddle a poem (pdf)

Aiden Carter a poem (pdf)

Aiden Messina a poem (pdf)

Aleksandr Sobierajski a poem (pdf)

Alex Kehl an essay (pdf)

Allyssa Lynch an essay (pdf)

Anavai Beebe a poem (pdf)

Andrew Roberts a poem (pdf)

Arie King a poem (pdf)

Audrey Johnson an essay (pdf)

Austin Viall an essay (pdf)

Brooke Hill a poem (pdf)

Brooke Williams an essay (pdf)

Bryon Decker an essay (pdf)

Caitlyn Dunlap a poem (pdf)

Calvin Wheelock a poem (pdf)

Christopher Hine a poem (pdf)

Cody Wright an essay (pdf)

Drake Malmquist a poem (pdf)

Dystne Hodge a poem (pdf)

Evander Dutcher an essay (pdf)

Gabe Jimenez a poem (pdf)

Grace Carpenter a poem (pdf)

Graham Fey a poem (pdf)

Isabella Clinton an essay (pdf)

Isaiah Sexton an essay (pdf)

Jacob Gallo a poem (pdf)

Jade Smith a poem (pdf)

Jasen Ledford a poem (pdf)

Jaxson Calice an essay (pdf)

Johanna Trepa a poem (pdf)

John Bergholtz a poem (pdf)

Josiah Holiday a poem (pdf)

Josie Dutcher an essay (pdf)

Kayden Moore a poem (pdf)

Keegan Waltz a poem (pdf)

Kendra Ekstrom a poem (pdf)

Kristofer Neudel a poem (pdf)

Lazarus Ludolph a poem (pdf)

Liam Griffin a poem (pdf)

Lillian Funnell an essay (pdf)

Lily Pecka a poem (pdf)

Logan Genter a poem (pdf)

Lyndsay Specht an essay (pdf)

Macie Browning an essay (pdf)

Madison Crissell a poem (pdf)

Madison Harrington a poem (pdf)

Madison Wise a poem (pdf)

Makenzie Soto a poem (pdf)

Marissa Kenyon a poem (pdf)

Marissa Sines a poem (pdf)

Micah LaFave an essay (pdf)

Missy Patinka a poem (pdf)

Mya Boston a poem (pdf)

Naomi Burghardt a poem (pdf)

Riley Barker an essay (pdf)

Rory Mills a poem (pdf)

Sage Ondrusek a poem (pdf)

Seth Symons an essay (pdf)

Shane Rineout an essay (pdf)

Skylar Hill a poem (pdf)

Stephenie Barrett a poem (pdf)

Steven Bergholtz an essay (pdf)

Summer Dean a poem (pdf)

Tallan Davis a poem (pdf)

Travis Stark a poem (pdf)

Trenton Drew a poem (pdf)

Troy Braman an essay (pdf)

Homer Brink School

5th Grade

LaPrincia a work of art (png)

Maine-Endwell Middle School

6th Grade

Melaina lott urich an essay (docx)

North Spencer Christian Academy

2nd Grade

Austin Acla a poem (jpg)

Elizabeth Card a poem (jpg)

Julia Dombrovskyy a poem (jpg)

Thaddeus Hunt a poem (jpg)

3rd Grade

Beatriz Perkins a poem (jpg)

Jacob Rorick a poem (jpg)

6th Grade

Tina Buell an essay (docx)

Owego Elementary School

4th Grade

Althea a work of art (jpeg)

Jenna a poem (jpeg)

Makynah, Hunter, Kara, Logan a work of art (jpeg)

Nicholas a work of art (jpeg)

Tioga Elementary School

3rd Grade

Mrs. Talbut's Class a work of art (pdf)

Tioga Hills Elementary School

3rd Grade

Mrs. Nunes' 3rd grade a work of art (pdf)

Tioga Middle School

6th Grade

Abigail an essay (docx)

Ava an essay (docx)

cotton an essay (docx)

Emily an essay (docx)

Ethan an essay (pdf)

Ethan an essay (docx)

Gage an essay (docx)

Isabelle an essay (docx)

Jaydin an essay (docx)

Jeremy an essay (docx)

Kaleb an essay (docx)

kelsey an essay (docx)

Logan an essay (docx)

lydiah an essay (docx)

makenna an essay (docx)

Nicholas an essay (docx)

Payton an essay (pdf)

Payton an essay (docx)

Talon an essay (docx)

W A Olmsted Elementary School

5th Grade

Cora W. a poem (docx)

Cora W. a poem (docx)