Where Are They Now? Mark Phillips, Session Assistant 2015

October 18, 2017

1. When did you participate in the Undergraduate Session Assistants Program or Senate Fellowship?

From January 2015 until April 2015

2. Which Senate office were you placed in during your internship?

I was with Senator Liz Krueger’s office.

3. Briefly describe your responsibilities/day-to-day activities in your internship office placement.

My responsibilities ranged from doing research on legislation, answering phone calls, or holding meetings with constituents/activists. I also had the pleasure of attending Session with Senator Krueger, to help her with anything she might need. The most exciting part of my job was helping to write legislation.

4. Where are you working now? Briefly describe your responsibilities/day-to-day activities in your current place of employment.

While I am not currently employed, I am attending Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy full-time to obtain a Master Degree in Public Administration. Since my time with Student Programs however, I have interned at the Public Works Department and the Planning and Development Department of my home county, Dutchess County. I have also become much more involved politically, attending community events and volunteering.

5. What did you learn from participating in the New York State Senate internship programs that you have been able to carry over to your new position?

The experiences I had during my time working in the Senate have guided my decision making over the past 2 years. I gained a first-hand knowledge of the NYS policy process, and have used that to focus my academic studies. Just being able to experience the inner workings of the office of an elected official has provided me valuable insight for working in Public Affairs. And most importantly, I learned that working in the Legislature is something I would love to have the honor of doing again.   

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