Terms of Participation

Terms of Participation for NYSenate.gov Websites.

The New York State Senate (the “Senate”) encourages the public, as well as members of the Senate, to participate in and contribute content to this website. Contributors (hereinafter referred to as “Participants”) are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities to provide input that the website(s) afford, and in so doing contribute to a fair and respectful dialogue among the general public and New York’s elected public officials.

To promote open and productive dialogue, and in the spirit of fair and transparent access to the Senate’s website(s), Participants are hereby advised that all postings, including any links to 3rd-party sites, shall be subject to limited monitoring for appropriateness. For purposes herein, appropriateness is defined as postings that are relevant to New York State’s official governmental business, responsive to the issue(s) being discussed, and phrased in respectful and appropriate language for the general public. 

The following types of content are considered inappropriate for posting on the Senate website:

commercial; self-promotional; campaign-related; prurient; abusive; discriminatory speech, including but not limited to, hate speech based on race, gender, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, religion or disability; in certain contexts personal contact information; content which otherwise violates GSA .Gov guidelines as found at < http://www.dotgov.gov/policy_guidelines.aspx >.

If content is determined to be inappropriate, such content either will not be posted or will be removed from the website by a Senate staff member designated for such review (“the Reviewer”). Such action will be taken in order to maintain the effective operation of the website(s) as a forum for civil, constructive and thoughtful discourse. If a Participant notices that his or her content is not posted within 48 hours of submission, and he or she wishes to dispute the determination by the Reviewer, such Participant may request an explanation of rejection by the Reviewer at < http://www.nysenate.gov/contact_form >.  In turn, if the Participant disagrees with the explanation given, he or she may request for an appeal by a review panel comprised of no less than three bipartisan Senate staff members appointed by the Secretary of the Senate.

Participants should note the following prior to posting content on any Senate website(s):

(a) Regarding community-moderated content, a participant may flag content he or she believes to be in violation of this Terms of Participation. He or she may not flag content due to disagreement with opinions stated.  If several flags are noted by the Reviewer, such Reviewer may remove the content pending review for appropriateness.

(b) Any comments submitted for posting by a Participant may be rated and/or otherwise commented upon by other members of the public. 

(c) By participating on the Senate’s website(s), a Participant hereby acknowledges that he or she has read, understands and agrees to be bound by the terms as outlined herein, as well as with any applicable laws and regulations relating hereto.

Updated: 20 Dec 2010