Regular Session - March 28, 2023


 1                NEW YORK STATE SENATE








 9                  ALBANY, NEW YORK

10                   March 28, 2023

11                      3:21 p.m.



14                   REGULAR SESSION




18  SENATOR SHELLEY B. MAYER, Acting President









 1                P R O C E E D I N G S

 2                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The Senate 

 3    will come to order.  

 4                 I ask everyone present to please 

 5    rise and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

 6                 (Whereupon, the assemblage recited 

 7    the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.) 

 8                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Pastor 

 9    Greg Merriweather, Calvary Baptist Church of 

10    Haverstraw, New York, will deliver today's 

11    invocation.  

12                 Pastor.

13                 PASTOR MERRIWEATHER:   There's an 

14    old proverb that says:  If you want to go fast, 

15    go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.  

16    And it's in this spirit that we pray on today.

17                 God in Heaven, we thank You for this 

18    moment, this opportunity.  Thank You for the 

19    ability to gather together.  And most of all, we 

20    thank You for life, health and strength.  Every 

21    day is a gift.  So on this day we celebrate the 

22    gift of common minds, we celebrate the gifts of 

23    thoughts and opposing opinions.  We celebrate the 

24    gifts of all of Your children that's gathered 

25    here in Creation on today.


 1                 We can take deep breaths because we 

 2    don't have to worry about much.  Your word says 

 3    it true, that if You take care of the birds that 

 4    are in the trees, even such as a sparrow, we know 

 5    that You will watch over us.  

 6                 So God, grant us the opportunity to 

 7    join together in unity.  We pray for Your spirit, 

 8    that it would guide us, that it would give us 

 9    calm, that it would give us direction.  And most 

10    of all, it would give us protection.

11                 We thank You again on today.  Now 

12    bless every person that's gathered, bless every 

13    area that they represent, every home, every 

14    household.  Bless them as they come together to 

15    do the business of the State of New York.

16                 And it's in Your name, Jesus, that 

17    we pray.  

18                 Let all God's children say amen.

19                 (Response of "Amen.")

20                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Reading of 

21    the Journal.

22                 THE SECRETARY:   In Senate, Monday, 

23    March 27, 2023, the Senate met pursuant to 

24    adjournment.  The Journal of Friday, March 24, 

25    2023, was read and approved.  On motion, the 


 1    Senate adjourned.

 2                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Without 

 3    objection, the Journal stands approved as read.

 4                 Presentation of petitions.

 5                 Messages from the Assembly.

 6                 Messages from the Governor.

 7                 Reports of standing committees.

 8                 Reports of select committees.

 9                 Communications and reports from 

10    state officers.

11                 Motions and resolutions.

12                 Senator Gianaris.

13                 SENATOR GIANARIS:   Good afternoon, 

14    Madam President.  I move to adopt the 

15    Resolution Calendar, with the exception of 

16    Resolution 590.

17                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   All those 

18    in favor of adopting the Resolution Calendar, 

19    with the exception of Resolution 590, please 

20    signify by saying aye.

21                 (Response of "Aye.")

22                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Opposed?  

23                 (No response.)

24                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The 

25    Resolution Calendar is adopted.


 1                 Senator Gianaris.

 2                 SENATOR GIANARIS:   Can we begin by 

 3    taking up previously adopted Resolution 516, by 

 4    Senator May, read that resolution's title, and 

 5    recognize Senator May.

 6                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The 

 7    Secretary will read.

 8                 THE SECRETARY:   Senate Resolution 

 9    516, by Senator May, memorializing Governor Kathy 

10    Hochul to proclaim April 2023 as Fair Housing 

11    Month in the State of New York.

12                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Senator 

13    May on the resolution.

14                 SENATOR MAY:   Thank you, 

15    Madam President.  I rise today to commemorate the 

16    month of April as Fair Housing Month.  

17                 In 1934, my grandfather bought a 

18    house for about $3,000 in a quiet neighborhood 

19    walking distance from his job at UCLA.  He was a 

20    low-paid instructor, not even on tenure track, 

21    but the bank was willing to give him a mortgage 

22    because of a brand-new Depression-era federal 

23    policy to back home loans with the full faith and 

24    credit of the U.S. government.  

25                 My grandparents lived there for 


 1    30 years until the neighborhood was overrun with 

 2    rowdy movie stars, at which point they bought a 

 3    house in a quieter neighborhood.  But when they 

 4    finally sold their second house, in their 

 5    eighties, they were able to pay for years of 

 6    nursing care with enough left over to leave small 

 7    nest eggs to all five grandchildren, so we were 

 8    able to make down payments on homes of our own.  

 9                 The federally backed mortgage 

10    program was a spectacular success in promoting 

11    home ownership and building equity for millions 

12    of families like mine -- but only for families 

13    that looked like mine.

14                 Black and brown families were 

15    explicitly excluded, which meant they were frozen 

16    out of the opportunity to build home equity, the 

17    major source of generational wealth.

18                 It is the main reason why 

19    Black Americans, who make up 13 percent of the 

20    U.S. population, hold only 4 percent of the 

21    wealth.  It is also the main factor that has 

22    driven housing segregation in this country.  

23    Wherever you live -- village, town, 

24    neighborhood -- your community has been shaped by 

25    our shameful national history of housing 


 1    discrimination.

 2                 Fifty-five years ago, 

 3    President Johnson worked with members of Congress 

 4    to pass the Fair Housing Act, a landmark federal 

 5    law that prohibits discrimination in the 

 6    provision of housing.  Access to safe, affordable 

 7    and quality housing is critical to every single 

 8    person in this state.  

 9                 And at the state level we have 

10    expanded the principles of the Fair Housing Act 

11    to prohibit discrimination in housing based on 

12    things like age, sexual orientation, or source of 

13    income.

14                 In observing Fair Housing Month in 

15    1984, President Reagan said:  "This April, let us 

16    once again dedicate ourselves to the great work 

17    of assuring fair housing for all, and let us 

18    continue that work until fair housing becomes a 

19    permanent reality in our national life."

20                 In 2005, the Supreme Court ruled 

21    that policies segregating minorities in poor 

22    neighborhoods, even unintentionally, are against 

23    the law.  As President Obama said in his remarks 

24    that year on Fair Housing Month, "The Court 

25    recognized what many people know to be true from 


 1    their own lives, that too often where people live 

 2    determines what opportunities they have in life."

 3                 He also emphasized the important 

 4    role of local governments in both creating and 

 5    solving the problem, and his administration began 

 6    the work of helping local governments meet that 

 7    need by gathering data on housing and 

 8    neighborhood conditions to help inform 

 9    policymakers.

10                 The Fair Housing Act was signed in 

11    1968.  We've made tremendous progress in 

12    addressing discrimination through the tools it 

13    provides, but we all know there is much more to 

14    be done.  Too often the same families who lost 

15    out on the opportunities that my family benefited 

16    from are the ones disproportionately hurt by the 

17    lack of housing, lack of affordable housing, the 

18    lack of credit and equity, inadequate code 

19    enforcement, arbitrary evictions, and quiet 

20    discrimination by realtors and lenders and zoning 

21    boards.  

22                 We are joined today by the leader of 

23    CNY Fair Housing, Sally Santangelo.  Her 

24    organization is leading the way in providing 

25    information to help policymakers and public 


 1    defenders help us realize the goals of the 

 2    Fair Housing Act.

 3                 As we enter Fair Housing Month here 

 4    in the State of New York, I urge all of us to 

 5    keep the spirit of the Fair Housing Act alive.

 6                 Thank you.

 7                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Thank you, 

 8    Senator May.

 9                 To our guest, I welcome you to the 

10    Senate chamber.  We extend to you the privileges 

11    and courtesies of the house.  Please rise and be 

12    recognized.

13                 (Standing ovation.)

14                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The 

15    resolution was previously adopted on March 15th.

16                 Senator Gianaris.

17                 SENATOR GIANARIS:   Can we now move 

18    to Resolution 590, by Senator Cooney, read that 

19    resolution's title, and recognize Senator Cooney.

20                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The 

21    Secretary will read.

22                 THE SECRETARY:   Senate Resolution 

23    590, by Senator Cooney, commending Dan DiClemente 

24    for his many years of dedicated service to the 

25    Rochester City School District.


 1                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Senator 

 2    Cooney on the resolution.

 3                 SENATOR COONEY:   Thank you, 

 4    Madam President.

 5                 I'm sure that our colleagues in this 

 6    chamber will agree that the best part of this job 

 7    is that we're granted with opportunities to 

 8    recognize and uplift individuals in our 

 9    communities who go above and beyond in the 

10    service of their neighbors.  

11                 You would be hard-pressed to find an 

12    individual more deserving of this recognition 

13    than Dan DiClemente.  His biography speaks for 

14    itself.  

15                 After working nearly a decade in the 

16    Rochester City School District, he was elected 

17    president of BENTE Local 2419, charged with 

18    representing more than 1200 nonteacher RCSD 

19    employees.  And as president, Dan has not only 

20    negotiated the past five collective bargaining 

21    agreements, he's led demonstrations, spoken in 

22    front of the school board and members of the 

23    State Legislature.  And he founded a scholarship 

24    program for our students.  

25                 In 2017, Dan was elected president 


 1    of AFSCME Council 66, representing 8,500 public 

 2    and nonprofit-sector workers in upstate New York 

 3    and the Hudson Valley.  

 4                 And on a personal note, as the first 

 5    Rochester City School District graduate to be 

 6    elected to the State Legislature in decades, I've 

 7    had a personal connection to all those who work 

 8    in service of our city's children, including our 

 9    AFSCME members.  

10                 Dan has been a trusted voice, a 

11    fierce advocate, and a relentless defender of 

12    workers' rights in the Rochester community not 

13    only for his members, but for members across 

14    upstate New York.  

15                 It's an honor and privilege to 

16    welcome Dan and his family and many colleagues 

17    and friends to Albany this afternoon, and it is 

18    my hope that we walk away not only with a deep 

19    appreciation for his contributions to our 

20    collective labor community, but may we be 

21    inspired by his integrity, his leadership in the 

22    movement, and his unshakeable commitment to fight 

23    for those who may otherwise be voiceless.

24                 Thank you, Madam President.

25                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Thank you, 


 1    Senator Cooney.

 2                 Senator Brouk on the resolution.

 3                 SENATOR BROUK:   Thank you, 

 4    Madam President.

 5                 I'm honored to stand here with my 

 6    fellow Rochester Senator, Senator Cooney, as we 

 7    welcome Dan DiClemente today and recognize him 

 8    with this resolution.

 9                 Dan is a beloved member of our 

10    Rochester community, recognized for his steadfast 

11    championing of workers' rights in the Rochester 

12    City School District, through BENTE Local 2419, 

13    as well as for AFSCME New York Council 66 and the 

14    Rochester Area Labor Council Executive Board.  

15                 Over the past few years, Dan has 

16    been a steady hand while leading his fellow union 

17    members through incredibly tumultuous times.  I 

18    remember August 2020 we stood together with BENTE 

19    members as they were losing their health benefits 

20    in the midst of a global pandemic.  Even before I 

21    had the privilege of sitting in this seat, we 

22    pleaded with the school district to support 

23    workers in this massive time of need.  

24                 And at a time when it was so hard to 

25    feel hopeful and the challenges were mounting, 


 1    Dan not only supported his members who were 

 2    scared of how they'd protect their own families, 

 3    but he reached out to the larger community and 

 4    ensured that these stories were being told and 

 5    that we came together to help.

 6                 Dan is a tireless champion for our 

 7    school community, and I have been moved and 

 8    inspired by his sacrifice and dedication to 

 9    others.  My work here in Albany to increase 

10    school budgets, champion our public schools, is 

11    all a direct response to the advocacy I have seen 

12    back home from Dan.

13                 To Dan, I want to say how grateful I 

14    am to have you as a community member, as a labor 

15    leader, and as a fierce partner in the work we do 

16    to improve this state for all New Yorkers.

17                 Thank you, and welcome.

18                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Thank you, 

19    Senator Brouk.

20                 To Mr. DiClemente and your friends 

21    and family, please be welcome to the Senate.  

22    It's an honor to have you here today.  

23                 Please rise and be recognized.  

24                 (Standing ovation.)

25                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The 


 1    question is on the resolution.  All in favor 

 2    signify by saying aye.

 3                 (Response of "Aye.")

 4                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Opposed?  

 5                 (No response.)

 6                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The 

 7    resolution is adopted.

 8                 Senator Gianaris.

 9                 SENATOR GIANARIS:   Madam President, 

10    Senators May and Cooney would like to open their 

11    resolutions for cosponsorship.

12                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The 

13    resolutions are open for cosponsorship.  Should 

14    you choose not to be a cosponsor on the 

15    resolutions, please notify the desk.

16                 Senator Gianaris.

17                 SENATOR GIANARIS:   There will be an 

18    immediate meeting of the Rules Committee in 

19    Room 332.

20                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   There will 

21    be an immediate meeting of the Rules Committee in 

22    Room 332.

23                 SENATOR GIANARIS:   The Senate will 

24    stand at ease.

25                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The Senate 


 1    will stand at ease.

 2                 (Whereupon, the Senate stood at ease 

 3    at 3:36 p.m.)

 4                 (Whereupon, the Senate reconvened at 

 5    3:44 p.m.)

 6                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The Senate 

 7    will return to order.  

 8                 Senator Gianaris.

 9                 SENATOR GIANARIS:   There's a report 

10    of the Rules Committee at the desk.  

11                 Can we take that up, please.

12                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The 

13    Secretary will read.

14                 THE SECRETARY:   Senator 

15    Stewart-Cousins, from the Committee on Rules, 

16    reports the following bills:  

17                 Senate Print 1319, by 

18    Senator Rivera, an act to amend the Public Health 

19    Law and the Insurance Law; 

20                 Senate Print 5818A, by Senator 

21    Myrie, an act to amend the Election Law; 

22                 Senate Print 6061, by Senator 

23    Hoylman-Sigal, an act to amend the Judiciary Law.

24                 All bills reported direct to third 

25    reading.  


 1                 SENATOR GIANARIS:   Move to accept 

 2    the report of the Rules Committee.

 3                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   All those 

 4    in favor of accepting the report of the 

 5    Rules Committee signify by saying aye.  

 6                 (Response of "Aye.")

 7                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Opposed?  

 8                 (No response.)

 9                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The report 

10    of the Rules Committee is accepted.

11                 Senator Gianaris.

12                 SENATOR GIANARIS:   Please take up 

13    the reading of the calendar.  

14                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The 

15    Secretary will read.

16                 THE SECRETARY:   Calendar Number 

17    356, Senate Print 717, by Senator Cleare, an act 

18    to amend the Real Property Tax Law.

19                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Read the 

20    last section.

21                 THE SECRETARY:   Section 3.  This 

22    act shall take effect immediately.  

23                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Call the 

24    roll.

25                 (The Secretary called the roll.)


 1                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Senator 

 2    Cleare to explain her vote.

 3                 SENATOR CLEARE:   Thank you, 

 4    Madam President.  

 5                 The Senior Citizens Rent Increase 

 6    Exemption program, SCRIE, is one of the most 

 7    important tools that we have to freeze rents for 

 8    older New Yorkers, who are often on a very fixed 

 9    income but wish and deserve to age in the 

10    community they have lived in all their lives.

11                 In New York City it applies to well 

12    over 100,000 households but, like so many 

13    benefits, has hard caps and cliffs that lock 

14    people out far too hastily.  The purpose of this 

15    bill is to expand the population eligible to take 

16    advantage of SCRIE by excluding all medical and 

17    prescription drug expenses not reimbursed or paid 

18    for by insurance from the definition of "income," 

19    for the purpose of determining eligibility for 

20    the program.

21                 By allowing those essential costs to 

22    be deducted, fewer individuals will exceed the 

23    income cap and will thus remain and/or become 

24    eligible for the SCRIE program and its many 

25    benefits.


 1                 I wish to thank my beloved seniors 

 2    at A. Philip Randolph Senior Center in my 

 3    district for their advocacy and work on this bill 

 4    and for lobbying me to pass it.  And I just want 

 5    to read a small portion of what they sent me 

 6    about this bill.  

 7                 They said:  "We, the members of the 

 8    A. Philip Randolph Senior Center located in the 

 9    30th Senatorial District would like to express 

10    our heartfelt appreciation for your efforts to 

11    improve the lives of older adults in our state.  

12                 "Today we hosted an Advocacy Day in 

13    support of a few of your Aging legislative 

14    priorities, particularly Senate Bill S717, which 

15    proposes a new definition of income to allow more 

16    people to be eligible for the Senior Citizen Rent 

17    Increase Exemption program.

18                 "This important legislation will 

19    assist seniors like us and people across our 

20    state in affording their housing costs and 

21    enabling them to live more independently."

22                 I proudly vote aye and hope that 

23    everyone else does the same.

24                 Thank you.

25                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Senator 


 1    Cleare to be recorded in the affirmative.

 2                 Announce the results.

 3                 THE SECRETARY:   In relation to 

 4    Calendar Number 356, voting in the negative:  

 5    Senator Walczyk.

 6                 Ayes, 61.  Nays, 1.

 7                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The bill 

 8    is passed.

 9                 THE SECRETARY:   Calendar Number 

10    391, Senate Print 4967, by Senator Jackson, an 

11    act to amend the Administrative Code of the City 

12    of New York.

13                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Read the 

14    last section.

15                 THE SECRETARY:   Section 2.  This 

16    act shall take effect immediately.  

17                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Call the 

18    roll.

19                 (The Secretary called the roll.)

20                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Announce 

21    the results.

22                 THE SECRETARY:   In relation to 

23    Calendar 391, those Senators voting in the 

24    negative are Senators Ashby, Borrello, 

25    Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick, Felder, Gallivan, Griffo, 


 1    Helming, Lanza, Martins, Mattera, Murray, 

 2    Oberacker, O'Mara, Ortt, Palumbo, Rhoads, 

 3    Rolison, Stec, Tedisco, Walczyk, Weber and Weik.

 4                 Ayes, 40.  Nays, 22.

 5                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The bill 

 6    is passed.

 7                 THE SECRETARY:   Calendar Number 

 8    394, Senate Print 1172, by Senator Harckham, an 

 9    act to amend the Executive Law.

10                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Read the 

11    last section.

12                 THE SECRETARY:   Section 2.  This 

13    act shall take effect immediately.

14                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Call the 

15    roll.

16                 (The Secretary called the roll.)

17                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Announce 

18    the results.  

19                 THE SECRETARY:   In relation to 

20    Calendar 394, those Senators voting in the 

21    negative are Senators Borrello, 

22    Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick, Griffo, Helming, Martins, 

23    Mattera, Oberacker, O'Mara, Ortt, Palumbo, 

24    Rhoads, Stec, Tedisco, Walczyk and Weik.

25                 Ayes, 47.  Nays, 15.


 1                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The bill 

 2    is passed.

 3                 THE SECRETARY:   Calendar Number 

 4    475, Senate Print 1468, by Senator Breslin, an 

 5    act to amend the Insurance Law.

 6                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Read the 

 7    last section.

 8                 THE SECRETARY:   Section 2.  This 

 9    act shall take effect immediately.

10                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Call the 

11    roll.

12                 (The Secretary called the roll.)

13                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Announce 

14    the results.

15                 THE SECRETARY:   Ayes, 62.

16                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The bill 

17    is passed.

18                 THE SECRETARY:   Calendar Number 

19    506, Senate Print 4266A, by Senator Webb, an act 

20    to establish a task force on missing women and 

21    girls who are Black.

22                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Read the 

23    last section.

24                 THE SECRETARY:   Section 3.  This 

25    act shall take effect on the 60th day after it 


 1    shall have become a law.

 2                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Call the 

 3    roll.

 4                 (The Secretary called the roll.)

 5                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Senator 

 6    Webb to explain her vote.  Thank you.

 7                 SENATOR WEBB:   Thank you, 

 8    Madam President.  I rise to explain my vote.

 9                 This legislation will address the 

10    discrepancies and disparities for missing and 

11    murdered Black, Indigenous women and girls of 

12    color by instituting a task force on missing 

13    BIPOC women and girls in New York State.

14                 I just want to share a couple of 

15    statistics that demonstrate why this task force 

16    is necessary and why I hope my colleagues will 

17    support it. 

18                 According to a 2020 report by the 

19    Women's Media Center, there are approximately 

20    75,000 missing Black women and girls across the 

21    United States.

22                 Another report released by the 

23    Sovereign Bodies Institute documents that there 

24    are over 2,306 missing Indigenous women and girls 

25    in the U.S.  Nationally, more than 250,000 women 


 1    and girls were reported missing in 2020, and at 

 2    least 40 percent were women and girls of color, 

 3    despite making up less than 15 percent of the 

 4    population.  And this came from the National 

 5    Crime Information Center, NCIC, missing person 

 6    and unidentified persons statistics.

 7                 In addition, in a two-year review of 

 8    all suspected national human trafficking 

 9    incidents, 40 percent of sex trafficked women 

10    were identified as Black women.

11                 From 2016 to 2020, there was a 

12    38 percent increase in the number of missing 

13    children -- 31 percent of that increase was for 

14    Black children.  And in 2020, the New York State 

15    Missing Persons Clearinghouse Annual Report 

16    shared that 59.8 percent of children reported 

17    missing were female, and 29.2 percent of them 

18    were Black.

19                 And so when you think about these 

20    stats, right -- and included among the tens of 

21    thousands of these missing BIPOC women and girls 

22    are abductees, the sex trafficking victims, and 

23    runaways that get grouped disproportionately, and 

24    that this thus impacts the intersection of both 

25    racism and sexism, and it is subjective to 


 1    pervasive social and economic barriers.

 2                 For these reasons, missing BIPOC 

 3    girls are often categorized as runaways, which 

 4    makes it more likely that their cases will be 

 5    pushed aside and treated with a lack of urgency.

 6                 This is an epidemic that 

 7    unfortunately is being rendered silent, and we as 

 8    a state owe it to these women and their families 

 9    to do better.  This task force will develop 

10    policy changes within New York State government 

11    agencies to address the lack of care and concern 

12    for missing and murdered BIPOC women and girls, 

13    including that our first responders are also 

14    culturally competent.

15                 This task force will ensure that 

16    there's transparency when it comes to the numbers 

17    of missing and murdered BIPOC women and girls so 

18    that communities understand the scale of this 

19    problem.

20                 This task force will also make sure 

21    that communities are educated and trained on the 

22    prevention, protection and protocols relating to 

23    missing BIPOC women and girls as relates to 

24    social media, and will recommend preventative 

25    programming and ideas to protect vulnerable women 


 1    and girls.

 2                 Madam President, this legislation 

 3    will take a crucial step to make visible missing 

 4    BIPOC women and girls in the public discussion.  

 5    By developing this task force on this crisis, 

 6    New York has an opportunity to not only take 

 7    charge but also acknowledge the work that 

 8    has to be done to bring justice for missing BIPOC 

 9    women and girls.

10                 I would like to thank our Majority 

11    Leader for her support on this initiative, and I 

12    will be voting aye and I encourage my colleagues 

13    to do the same.

14                 Thank you.

15                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Thank you.  

16    Senator Webb to be recorded in the affirmative.

17                 Senator Ramos to explain her vote.

18                 SENATOR RAMOS:   Thank you.  

19                 I want to begin by thanking 

20    Senator Webb for being a chair that truly values 

21    intersectionality and for this very thoughtful 

22    bill.

23                 You know, when we speak about 

24    Indigenous people, we often think of them as 

25    human beings from the past, some sort of relic -- 


 1    and that couldn't be farther from the truth.  

 2    Indigenous people are part of our communities, 

 3    particularly in mine.  And I of course always 

 4    share how proud I am of my own Indigenous 

 5    heritage.

 6                 And that's why I want to point out 

 7    that, you know, the genocide that started with 

 8    Christopher Columbus has never actually really 

 9    ended.  I have a few stats to share myself.  

10    Native women face murder rates more than 10 times 

11    the national average.  Homicide is the third 

12    leading cause of death among Native girls and 

13    women aged 10 to 24 and the fifth leading cause 

14    of death for Native women aged 25 to 34.

15                 The median age for missing and 

16    murdered Indigenous women and girls is 29.  And 

17    unfortunately we have to note that the condition 

18    that makes women most vulnerable to violence is 

19    poverty.  Native American women are typically 

20    paid only 60 cents for every dollar paid to a 

21    white non-Hispanic man.  And that pay gap is 

22    typically around $2,055 every month, or nearly 

23    $25,000 every year.

24                 And as we know, especially, you 

25    know, on our side of the aisle, poverty makes 


 1    everybody unsafe.  And here we're sharing that it 

 2    particularly makes Indigenous women unsafe.  

 3                 So I of course want to use this 

 4    opportunity to implore you all to support our 

 5    Raise the Wage Act, as we're closing in on budget 

 6    negotiations.  

 7                 And I vote aye, Madam President.

 8                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Senator 

 9    Ramos to be recorded in the affirmative.

10                 Senator Fernandez to explain her 

11    vote.

12                 SENATOR FERNANDEZ:   Thank you so 

13    much, Madam President.

14                 I truly want to thank the sponsor 

15    for putting this bill forward and to initiate the 

16    creation of this task force.  

17                 It really can't be stressed enough 

18    the crisis that is in our communities, in 

19    everyone's district here and especially like mine 

20    in the Bronx, where every other 99-cent store, 

21    grocery store, the 5 by 5 bulletin, is covered 

22    with missing girls, missing kids.  And it is a 

23    crisis.

24                 This task force, as it was detailed, 

25    is going to do so much to empower our young 


 1    people, our old people, those that are vulnerable 

 2    to this crime, to this evil that is human 

 3    trafficking.  And we really need to get to the 

 4    bottom of it.  We need to find the solutions.  We 

 5    need to stop the trafficking.  We need to stop 

 6    whatever is incentivizing girls to go missing and 

 7    to fall into these terrible hands.

 8                 So thank you for bringing this to 

 9    the floor.  Thank you for highlighting something 

10    that doesn't get highlighted often.  Every time 

11    we see of a missing person, a young person, a 

12    young woman, it's never to the extent that we see 

13    of a young white woman given to a young Black or 

14    brown woman.  It's just not the same, the 

15    attention is not the same.  

16                 And we need to start making it the 

17    same.  We need to start really getting to the 

18    bottom of how this is happening, why it's 

19    happening, and empowering and educating our 

20    communities to prevent it from happening.  

21                 So I really thank you for this.  I 

22    encourage everyone, please vote aye, because 

23    lives are being lost, lives are disappearing, and 

24    it's time that we put a stop to it.  

25                 Thank you.  I vote aye.


 1                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Senator 

 2    Fernandez to be recorded in the affirmative.

 3                 Senator Cleare to explain her vote.

 4                 SENATOR CLEARE:   I want to thank 

 5    Senator Webb for this important bill.

 6                 As a Black woman, in my community I 

 7    have seen many women go missing.  And often I've 

 8    accompanied families to law enforcement, and the 

 9    same energy is not put behind finding them -- the 

10    same regard, the same care.  

11                 We're all members of somebody's 

12    family.  This is somebody's sister, somebody's 

13    daughter, maybe even somebody's mother.  And in 

14    some cases I have even had to look for people who 

15    were somebody's mother.

16                 Until we respect and protect every 

17    single woman, then we are not doing our job, we 

18    are not serving justice to females.  And I 

19    just -- I can't tell you enough how much this 

20    bill means to me and many other families.  We're 

21    simply written off as runaways or written off as 

22    it doesn't matter, it's not worth looking for 

23    them.

24                 And this is so important.  I 

25    encourage every one of my colleagues to vote aye 


 1    on this today.  There are so many families who 

 2    have suffered.  We have had missing children that 

 3    have never been found.  If you know the impact 

 4    that that could have -- think about your own 

 5    child and never, ever finding that child again.  

 6    It's horrific.  But on top of that, to feel as if 

 7    no one's even looking is even worse.  

 8                 So I thank you for this bill today, 

 9    and I proudly vote aye.

10                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Senator 

11    Cleare to be recorded in the affirmative.

12                 Senator Brouk to explain her vote.

13                 SENATOR BROUK:   Thank you, 

14    Madam President.  

15                 And I want to congratulate and thank 

16    my colleague Senator Webb for really being 

17    deliberate in her advocacy as she has progressed 

18    with this bill, to make sure that we are taking 

19    into account many different perspectives and 

20    create the most sound bill possible.

21                 And I also -- as so many of my women 

22    of color colleagues have pointed out, this 

23    country has a very long history of discounting, 

24    forgetting, disrespecting Black women and women 

25    of color.  We're left out of history books.  


 1    We're not considered in a lot of policymaking 

 2    decisions -- although in this body that doesn't 

 3    happen anymore.

 4                 And this bill is a way to not just 

 5    correct some of those historical wrongs, but also 

 6    to tell, as Senator Cleare said, to tell our 

 7    young girls that they matter.  I'm sitting here 

 8    getting ready to celebrate the first birthday -- 

 9    that's why we need an on-time budget -- 

10                 (Laughter.)

11                 SENATOR BROUK:   -- to celebrate the 

12    first birthday of my little Black baby girl.  And 

13    I think about how she is the world to me.  And to 

14    think that there are mothers out there who don't 

15    believe law enforcement or those in charge care 

16    that their child is missing is heartbreaking to 

17    me.

18                 So thank you again to Senator Webb, 

19    because these things need to get attention.  

20    These things need to be talked about.  These 

21    things need to be acted upon.  And that's why I 

22    proudly stand with my colleague and so many of 

23    our colleagues who have voted aye on this bill.  

24                 And I hope that it is not the end of 

25    the work that we do to better recognize these 


 1    wrongs in our society, but the beginning.  

 2                 Thank you.

 3                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Senator 

 4    Brouk to be recorded in the affirmative.

 5                 Announce the results.

 6                 THE SECRETARY:   Ayes, 62.

 7                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The bill 

 8    is passed.

 9                 THE SECRETARY:   Calendar Number 

10    508, Senate Print 2103A, by Senator Harckham, an 

11    act to amend the Environmental Conservation Law.

12                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Read the 

13    last section.

14                 THE SECRETARY:   Section 2.  This 

15    act shall take effect immediately.

16                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Call the 

17    roll.

18                 (The Secretary called the roll.)

19                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Announce 

20    the results.

21                 THE SECRETARY:   Ayes, 62.

22                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The bill 

23    is passed.

24                 THE SECRETARY:   Calendar Number 

25    520, Senate Print 1839, by Senator Sanders, an 


 1    act to amend the Public Health Law.

 2                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Read the 

 3    last section.

 4                 THE SECRETARY:   Section 3.  This 

 5    act shall take effect immediately.  

 6                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Call the 

 7    roll.

 8                 (The Secretary called the roll.)

 9                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Announce 

10    the results.

11                 THE SECRETARY:   Ayes, 62.

12                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The bill 

13    is passed.

14                 THE SECRETARY:   Calendar Number 

15    524, Senate Print 3131, by Senator Mannion, an 

16    act directing the Commissioner of Health to 

17    conduct a study on the rates of reimbursement 

18    made through the New York State Medicaid Durable 

19    Medical Equipment.

20                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Read the 

21    last section.

22                 THE SECRETARY:   Section 4.  This 

23    act shall take effect immediately.

24                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Call the 

25    roll.


 1                 (The Secretary called the roll.)

 2                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Announce 

 3    the results.

 4                 THE SECRETARY:   Ayes, 62.

 5                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The bill 

 6    is passed.

 7                 THE SECRETARY:   Calendar Number 

 8    540, Senate Print 1250, by Senator Salazar, an 

 9    act to establish an LGBTQ youth and young adult 

10    suicide prevention task force.

11                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Read the 

12    last section.

13                 THE SECRETARY:   Section 2.  This 

14    act shall take effect on the 60th day after it 

15    shall have become a law.

16                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Call the 

17    roll.

18                 (The Secretary called the roll.)

19                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Senator 

20    Brisport to explain his vote.

21                 SENATOR BRISPORT:   Thank you, 

22    Madam President.

23                 And I really want to thank Senator 

24    Salazar for bringing this bill to us.  

25                 I'm a former public school teacher, 


 1    and I recall a time I had to ride in an emergency 

 2    vehicle with a student who had expressed they 

 3    wished to take their own life.  I've also had to 

 4    experience making a call to a mother to let her 

 5    know that her 11-year-old son was considering 

 6    taking his own life, which is a call that no 

 7    parent wants to receive.  

 8                 I'm mostly an openly gay legislator, 

 9    proudly gay -- and I say open and proud because 

10    too many people in the community are told not to 

11    be open and proud.  Too many of our youth are 

12    told not to be open and proud.  And too many 

13    youth take their lives.  The rates among LGBTQ+ 

14    youth are even higher, and I want these kids to 

15    live.

16                 So I proudly vote aye, and thank 

17    you.

18                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Senator 

19    Brisport to be recorded in the affirmative.

20                 Senator Hoylman-Sigal to explain his 

21    vote.

22                 SENATOR HOYLMAN-SIGAL:   Thank you, 

23    Madam President.  

24                 And thank you to my colleague 

25    Senator Brisport, and mostly thank you to 


 1    Senator Salazar for this important bill.

 2                 You know, a war is being waged 

 3    against LGBTQ kids in nearly half the states in 

 4    this country.  According to the ACLU, there are 

 5    434, 434 anti-LGBTQ bills in statehouses like 

 6    this across the country -- 434 and counting.  

 7    Government officials are signaling to the general 

 8    public that it's acceptable to discriminate 

 9    against and fear LGBTQ people, and the hatred too 

10    often falls on our kids.  

11                 In our schools, nine out of 10 LGBTQ 

12    students reported being harassed and bullied last 

13    year.  And over a third of LGBTQ students 

14    reported being physically assaulted at school 

15    because of their sexual orientation and gender 

16    identity.  And really as a result of this 

17    vitriol, this nationwide vitriol that is being 

18    magnified and amplified by state legislatures, 

19    many of our LGBTQ youth are suffering mentally.  

20                 And I'll end with this.  The Trevor 

21    Project found that 45 percent of LGBTQ youth 

22    seriously considered attempting suicide in the 

23    past year, including half of transgender and 

24    nonbinary youth in New York State.  Half in our 

25    state.


 1                 So I really do thank Senator Salazar 

 2    for this important legislation to get a handle on 

 3    suicide among LGBTQ youth and take steps to 

 4    prevent it.  I vote aye.

 5                 Thank you.

 6                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Senator 

 7    Hoylman-Sigal to be recorded in the affirmative.

 8                 Senator Scarcella-Spanton to explain 

 9    her vote.

10                 SENATOR SCARCELLA-SPANTON:   Thank 

11    you, Madam Chair.  

12                 And thank you, Senator Salazar, for 

13    pushing this legislation forth.

14                 I just wanted to really commend this 

15    legislation.  It's so incredibly important.  Just 

16    this weekend on Staten Island we had a 

17    20-year-old young man who took his own life for 

18    being bullied for his sexual preference.  This is 

19    unacceptable and we have so much work to be done.  

20                 And I want to highlight that on 

21    Staten Island, it's one of the first places left 

22    in our St. Patrick's Day Parade where our Pride 

23    Center isn't allowed to march.  Having that out 

24    there in public, having these young men and women 

25    who don't feel accepted by their own community, 


 1    is harmful.  

 2                 And I really just wanted to thank 

 3    you, and I proudly vote aye.

 4                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Senator 

 5    Scarcella-Spanton to be recorded in the 

 6    affirmative.

 7                 Senator Salazar to explain her vote.

 8                 SENATOR SALAZAR:   Thank you, 

 9    Madam President.  

10                 And thank you to my colleagues for 

11    supporting this legislation.  Suicide among LGBTQ 

12    teenagers and young people in New York is a 

13    crisis.  Suicide is the third leading cause of 

14    death among young people ages 15 to 24 years old 

15    in New York City, and LGBTQ youth face especially 

16    high risks of suicide or self-harm.

17                 One out of every three transgender 

18    young people in New York City have seriously 

19    thought about taking their lives, and two out of 

20    every five report having made a suicide attempt.

21                 During a time when LGBTQ young 

22    people and transgender youth in particular are 

23    being targeted across the country with harmful 

24    laws intending to erase trans existence, it 

25    should come as no surprise to us that these 


 1    children are experiencing alarming levels of 

 2    suicidal ideation and self-harm.  This is a 

 3    moment for New York to respond with unequivocal 

 4    support and love for queer and trans youth in the 

 5    face of bigotry.

 6                 This task force will help us better 

 7    understand the specific causes and factors that 

 8    lead to higher risk of suicide among young 

 9    people, such as trauma and oppression based on 

10    their sexuality and gender identity, so our state 

11    can take meaningful action to prevent suicide and 

12    self-harm.

13                 Madam President, I vote aye.

14                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Senator 

15    Salazar to be recorded in the affirmative.

16                 Announce the results.

17                 THE SECRETARY:   Ayes, 62.

18                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The bill 

19    is passed.

20                 THE SECRETARY:   Calendar Number 

21    548, Senate Print 4131, by Senator Mannion, an 

22    act to amend the Tax Law.

23                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Read the 

24    last section.

25                 THE SECRETARY:   Section 5.  This 


 1    act shall take effect on the first of January.

 2                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Call the 

 3    roll.

 4                 (The Secretary called the roll.)

 5                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Announce 

 6    the results.

 7                 THE SECRETARY:   Ayes, 62.

 8                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The bill 

 9    is passed.

10                 THE SECRETARY:   Calendar Number 

11    552, Senate Print 2691, by Senator Breslin, an 

12    act to amend the General Municipal Law.

13                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Read the 

14    last section.

15                 THE SECRETARY:   Section 6.  This 

16    act shall take effect on the 90th day after it 

17    shall have become a law.

18                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Call the 

19    roll.

20                 (The Secretary called the roll.)

21                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Announce 

22    the results.

23                 THE SECRETARY:   Ayes, 62.

24                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The bill 

25    is passed.


 1                 THE SECRETARY:   Calendar Number 

 2    558, Senate Print 5176, by Senator Thomas, an act 

 3    authorizing the World Restoration Center Inc. to 

 4    receive retroactive real property tax exempt 

 5    status.

 6                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Read the 

 7    last section.

 8                 THE SECRETARY:   Section 2.  This 

 9    act shall take effect immediately.

10                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Call the 

11    roll.

12                 (The Secretary called the roll.)

13                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   Announce 

14    the results.

15                 THE SECRETARY:   In relation to 

16    Calendar Number 558, voting in the negative:  

17    Senator O'Mara.

18                 Ayes, 61.  Nays, 1.

19                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   The bill 

20    is passed.

21                 Senator Gianaris, that completes the 

22    reading of today's calendar.

23                 SENATOR GIANARIS:   Is there any 

24    further business at the desk?

25                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   There is 


 1    no further business at the desk.

 2                 SENATOR GIANARIS:   I move to 

 3    adjourn until tomorrow, Wednesday, March 29th, at 

 4    3:00 p.m.

 5                 ACTING PRESIDENT MAYER:   On motion, 

 6    the Senate stands adjourned until Wednesday, 

 7    March 29th, at 3:00 p.m.

 8                 (Whereupon, at 4:09 p.m., the Senate 

 9    adjourned.)