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Senate Issues Mid-Year Economic and Revenue Report

This week the Senate Majority released a mid-year economic and revenue forecast for New York State. A copy of the report can be found at the Senate website,

Working together this year, with Governor Cuomo, we were able to close a $10 billion budget deficit. We balenced the budget by finding efficiencies in government, identifying areas to make responsible cuts in spending, and most importantly, held the line on taxes," said Senator Gallivan. "Significant challenges remain and I look forward to returning to Albany to address next year's budget, continuing to focus on fiscal responsibility, economic development, and job creation for Western New York."

Highlights of the report including the following:

November 21, 2011

Lawmakers Already Drawing Up Special Session Wish Lists

The Capitol wrote about the pressing issue of independent restricting being on Governnor Cuomo's agenda for the potential Legislature in Albany that will meet to discuss the state budget. Passing independent redistricting is at the top of the list of things we need to take care of.

If Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls the Legislature back to Albany this year to deal with a $350 million budget shortfall, lawmakers say he could also open the door to debating a host of simmering issues – including independent redistricting.

The next legislative session begins in less than two months, but Cuomo told radio host Susan Arbetter yesterday that the budget gap could force his hand: “If this trend continues, we may have to bring back the Legislature.”


November 15, 2011

Senator Adams Co-hosts the Kick-off of the "Less Talk ... More Action" Tour

Senator Eric Adams co-hosted the kick-off event of the "Less Talk...More Action" tour, held at Medgar Evers College on October 27th.  Ryan Mack, President of Optimum Capital Management L.L.C. and author of "Living in the Village," launched the 8-city tour which will focus on improving financial literacy rates, reducing unemployment rates and reducing mass incarceration rates in African American communities.


November 15, 2011

Foreclosure and Homeownersip Preservation

News From New York StateSenator Shirley L. HuntleyContact: Bryant G.

November 4, 2011

Senator Skelos Announces Support for Iran Divestment Legislation

Senate Majority Leader Dean G. Skelos today announced he will sponsor legislation known as the Iran Divestment Act of 2012 - - recently introduced by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver - - and will move for Senate passage of the bill early next year.

November 3, 2011

U.S. treasurer touts small biz Qns. loans

The Queens Chronicle wrote on the recent visit of Treasurer Rosie Rios as she praised an Astoria bank as an example of Obama's initiatives to help small businesses, as part of a larger plan to recover the nation's economy. Senator Gianaris spoke about how the SBL fund could have a major impact on the Queens community that is largely comprised of immigrants, but that the state itself is not strong enough to offer a program as such on its own.

The treasurer of the United States was on hand at an Astoria bank on Monday, touting it as a prime example of an Obama administration initiative to help small business.

November 1, 2011

Maloney Presses For Roosevelt Island Science Campus

Senator Gianaris attended a press conference to promote the expansion of an applied science campus to Roosevelt Island with Congresswoman Maloney and David Brause. The Queens Gazette wrote on some of the reasons for the Senator's support, such as in addition to the promotion of higher education, the general further development of the Western Queens community.

October 27, 2011

Wall Street’s Winter: Grim news for NYC’s budget

Last Updated: 10:20 AM, October 7, 2011Posted: 9:45 PM, October 6, 2011By: Nicole Gelinas

Tick-tock. Thanks to Washington’s support for big banks, New York City has been a cocoon of prosperity compared to the rest of the nation over the last three years.

But banks can’t stay on the dole forever -- and the city’s done nothing in the 37 months since Lehman Bros. collapsed to prepare for a leaner Wall Street.

Without endless financial-industry profits, New York can’t afford to make good on the promises it’s made to workers and pick up the trash and keep criminals off streets.

October 14, 2011

N.Y. State ‘Sick But Getting Better’ Gianaris Tells UCCA

The Queens Gazette wrote on Senator Gianaris' thoughts at the UCCA meeting at Augustana Lutheran Church in Astoria Heights on October 6. The senator discussed the state of the state, in relation to its budget and deficit, along with other issues such hasydrofracking, power plant siting, hospital closings in Queens and auto insurance fraud.

October 13, 2011


Panel Looks for Ways to Reduce Burdens on Property Taxpayers

State Senator Patty Ritchie said her Mandate Relief Working Group, a team of local leaders who are tasked with finding unnecessary and wasteful state requirements that cost local taxpayers’ money, held its first session Thursday evening.

“Too often, Albany creates extra costs for rural areas because they are unaware of what their one-size-fits-all rules mean for upstate communities,” said Senator Ritchie. “This year, I made cutting the cost of government and reducing mandates a priority, and my Mandate Relief Working Group will help me accomplish this goal by attacking the problem from the ground level, finding waste, and rooting it out.”

October 7, 2011

Gallivan, McDonald, Paulin Announce Local Mandate Relief Legislation

Senators Patrick M. Gallivan (R-Erie) and Roy McDonald (R-Saratoga), and Assemblywoman Amy Paulin (D-Westchester) will propose reforms to the cost administration of New York State’s Medicaid System that will provide immediate and permanent mandate relief for the State’s struggling local governments.

September 20, 2011

Senator Gallivan Speaks at Medicaid Mandate Relief Press Conference

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-Erie) will propose reforms to the cost administration of New York State’s Medicaid System that will provide immediate and permanent mandate relief for the State’s struggling local governments.

September 20, 2011

Gianaris: Not Voting On Health Exchange ‘Foolish’

State of Politics wrote about Senator Gianaris' comments regarding the healthcare exchange from his interview on "The Capitol Pressroom." Senator Gianaris believes that we should not refuse large amounts of federal aid that would benefit New Yorkers simply for political reasons.

Not voting on a measure that would create a health-insurance exchange in New York is “foolish” Sen. Michael Gianaris told Susan Arbetter earlier today.

Gianaris, who has increasingly become the public face of the Senate Democratic Conference, blamed Senate Republicans for obstructing the bill.

September 13, 2011

Seward Appeals To Governor For Additional Disaster Relief

ONEONTA, 08/29/11 – State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) today called on Governor Cuomo to support legislation for New York State to cover local expenses to repair public infrastructure damaged by Hurricane Irene.

“At a time when local government officials are already working on the thinnest of margins, adding the repair costs associated with Hurricane Irene could be devastating for many small, rural municipalities,” said Senator Seward.  “The state’s emergency response to Hurricane Irene has been professional and swift, now long-term financial assistance is needed to help communities rebuild.”

August 29, 2011


Posted by: Barbara Nackman

Last night the Mount Kisco Little League was given an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) by Sports Authority store in White Plains and there was quite a festive event with officials, professional ball player Dwight Gooden and family and friends of Mount Kisco Little League. In addition to the machine, the store also hosted a training session and highlighted a happy, healthy 10-year-old Mikey Corsi, who had a cardiac arrest on the field June 30 and was saved in spite of not having an AED available.

August 10, 2011


The lifetime achievements of Brooklyn native Dorothy Burnham were recognized and lauded by NYS Senator Velmanette Montgomery (D-Brooklyn) during the reading of a Senate resolution, which was unanimously passed by the full Senate during the final days of the 2011 Legislative Session. The resolution paid tribute to Dorothy Burnham’s many notable contributions to our public education system, the advancement of civil rights, and to the promotion of racial and economic equality. Ms. Burnham was also honored for her designation as recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by the New York Friends of the People's World. “Dorothy Burnham is a Renaissance Woman,” said Senator Montgomery.

July 11, 2011
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