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Farm Workers Rights Rally Today

Press Contact: Steve Mangione (mobile) 914-403-4072

Espada Introduces New Bill That Would Provide Basic Protections to State’s Farm Workers as Kerry Kennedy Set to Lead Rally Today in Albany

June 15, 2010

6/10/2010: Majority Announces Passage of Legislative Package Expanding Opportunities For NY'ers with Disabilities

Sweeping Legislation Improves Services For People With Disabilities,

Puts An End To Discriminatory Practices

The Senate Democratic Majority announced the passage of a comprehensive 9-point package of legislation providing New Yorkers with disabilities expanded access to polling places, transportation and medical equipment, as well outlawing discriminatory practices in employment, housing and public services.

June 11, 2010

SI Advance: At Parade, Gay Community Calls for Visibility

By: Judy Randall

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Under a canopy of rainbow-colored balloons, several hundred gay and lesbian Staten Islanders and their supporters kicked off the borough’s sixth annual LGBT Pride Parade and festival in St. George yesterday with a clear message: We are one of you.

“We are here to say we are your friends, your neighbors,” said spectator Brian Hagan of New Brighton. “We sit next to you on the bus, in church. We are part of the diversity of the city.”

June 10, 2010

NY Times: For Nannies, Hope for Workplace Protection

By: Russ Buettner

In a city of secret economies, few are as vital to the life of New York as the business of nannies, the legions of women who emancipate high-powered professionals and less glamorous working parents from the duties of daily child care.

Those nannies, as well as other domestic workers who make possible the lives of New York’s eternally striving work force, have long gone without basic workplace guarantees that most employees take for granted.

That appears likely to change soon.

June 10, 2010

Daily News: Government Must OK New Domestic Worker Rights

by: Albor Ruiz

Every day, 200,000 domestic workers in New York make it possible for their employers to go to work. Yet, many of these mostly immigrant women of color are employed without a living wage, health care and basic labor protections.

"As far as I am concerned, these folks are the economic backbone of New York," said Assemblyman Keith Wright (D-Harlem). "[Yet] they are an invisible segment of society."

June 10, 2010

NYT Editorial: Domestic Worker's Rights

New York State has the chance to lead the nation in extending basic workplace protections to domestic workers — the nannies, housekeepers and caregivers for the elderly who are as essential to the economy as they are overlooked and unprotected.

June 10, 2010

Breaking Barriers: Majority Announces Passage Of Legislative Package Expanding Opportunities For New Yorkers With Disabilities

Sweeping Legislation Improves Services For People With Disabilities,Puts An End To Discriminatory Practices

June 10, 2010


Religious Leaders & Elected Officials Call on State Legislature to pass tougher sentencing for vandals of Houses of Worship


June 4, 2010

Response to Intolerable Holocaust Comparisons

While I understand and respect that people have strongly differing opinions regarding Israel and Hamas's recent actions in Gaza, I find it intolerable for people to compare these circumstances to those of the Holocaust. Such comments minimize the realities of the Nazi concentration camps and are an insult to the millions who died, as well as the survivors who are still with us.

June 2, 2010

About Time: New York's Domestic Workers May Finally Get Rights on the Job

Is scrubbing somebody else's floor "work"? How about staying up all night - every night - with another person's colicky baby? Or helping their elderly mother shower and use the bathroom? The reality is, domestic workers like nannies, caregivers and housekeepers do some of the hardest and most necessary work around. Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are able to do their own jobs and keep their families functioning only because they rely on the labor of nannies and caregivers, yet these domestic employees are denied the basic workplace protections most other workers are guaranteed.

May 27, 2010

Conference Of Black Senators Releases Their Signature Agenda Issues

Yesterday, the NYS Conference of Black Senators (CBS) unveiled their 2010 Signature Agenda issues and expressed their concerns regarding these particular bills not being brought to the Senate floor for a vote. Members of CBS truly believe that African American Communities have suffered long enough within the areas of Economic Development, Education, Health, Housing, Environment, Crime, Racism and Discrimination.

May 25, 2010

Serranos Applaud Obama LGBT Visitation Decision

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, April 16, 2010

Contact: Damaris Olivo | (212) 828-5829


April 16, 2010

Senator Montgomery' 2010 Juvenile Justice Reform Agenda

Click the pdf link below to view the Senator's 2010 Juvenile Justice Reform Agenda

2010 Juvenile Justice Reform Agenda

April 7, 2010

Senator Espada Urges New Yorkers to Stand up for Children During National Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time to raise awareness about child abuse and encourage communities to take a stand for the safety and well-being of our children and underscore our commitment to preventing and responding appropriately to incidences of child abuse.

April 1, 2010

New York State Senate Passes Resolution Honoring Dr. Olivia Hooker

(35th District, NY) - On Wednesday, March 24th, the New York State Senate passed a Legislative Resolution honoring Dr. Olivia Hooker, a psychologist and former college professor at Fordham University who resides in Greenburgh, New York. Dr. Hooker, who became the first black woman to enlist in the United States Coast Guard during World War II, is a survivor of the Tulsa Riot of 1921. Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins introduced the resolution in recognition of Dr. Hooker’s outstanding achievements and contributions to the advancement of women and civil rights.

March 25, 2010

LGBT Activists Honor S.I. Politicians For Gay Marriage Support




The Staten Island LGBT Center and Staten Island Stonewall honored local elected officials who voted in favor of same-sex marriage last November at a Midland Beach ceremony on Friday.


For video click here:

March 25, 2010

Hispanic Senators Meet with Governor Paterson

The L WordBy Ken LovettDaily News

March 23, 2010

Zero-Tolerance of Violence

      As a man who deeply loves and respects my wife of over 30 years and as a grandfather with ten grandchildren, I have worked hard to build a world free of violence, a world that respects women and protects our most vulnerable populations. I have fought hate crimes in my district, provided help to victims of violent crimes, sponsored last month's March for Peace Against Gun and Youth Violence, and proposed legislation to classify violence against women as hate crimes (S.2788).

February 8, 2010

Senator Savino Urges Passage of Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Albany – Today, Senator Diane J. Savino joined domestic workers and their supporters in calling for the immediate passage of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights [S2311A]. The bill, introduced by Senator Savino, guarantees protection from discrimination, notice of termination, paid sick days and holidays, and other basic labor protections long denied to nannies, housekeepers, and elderly caregivers employed in private homes.

January 28, 2010
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