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The Apology is a multi-media theater piece revolving around the 60th birthday party for the patriarch of an Irish family living in America. As the day looms, the four adult children, scarred from childhood wounds inflicted by their father , try to come to terms with honoring the man who caused them so much suffering. The weight of the conflict strains an already knotted marriage between father and mother and a day meant for celebration and unity, threatens to bring down an already fractured family.

Dolores Rice is a playwright, film-maker and novelist. Ms Rice received a Masters Degrees from both the University of College Dublin and Goldsmith College of England, where she studied French literature, philosophy, theater and film making. She has taught at the Sorbonne University in Paris and University College Dublin. Her short films have appeared in numerous festivals internationally. Her feature film debut, The Whole of the Moon, will be shot in Dublin, Sinai Desert, Egypt and New York in the fall. Dolores has worked as a director in the Theatre in Dublin, London, and Paris. The Apology will be her New York theatrical debut.

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