Yin Mei Mountain River Project - Dance / Theater

Dance has figured prominently in the development of calligraphy as one of China’s essential art forms. During the Shang Dynasty, it was dancing shamans who presided over divination rituals in which oracle bones were cracked in order to commune with the ancestors. Later, dancers also inspired drunken T’ang Dynasty monks to abandon the formalism of their age, seek freedom of expression and perform through calligraphy. The Mountain River Project is an extension of that connection: a work of modern calligraphy-making and its reflection in movement.

Yin Mei is a genre-defying director/choreographer/performance artist known for creating dance theater works that fearlessly bridge geographic, technological, artistic and cultural divides to conjure a unique brand of theatrical magic. Yin Mei was born in China and started her professional career in traditional Chinese dance during the Cultural Revolution. Before coming to the United States to study modern dance with a grant from the Asian Cultural Council, she was a principal dancer with the Henan Song and Dance Troupe and later the Hong Kong Dance Company. Yin Mei received a Guggenheim Fellowship in Choreography in 2005 and was a Choreography Fellow of the New York Foundation for the Arts in 2004. Yin Mei now choreographs and performs her contemporary works worldwide through her company, YIN MEI DANCE

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